April 10th

Apr 10, 1842 - Joseph Smith notes in his diary, "I preached in the Grove, and pronounced a curse upon all adulterers, and fornicators, and unvirtuous persons, and those who have made use of my name to carry on their iniquitous designs."

Apr 10, 1852 - Heber C. Kimball preaches, "Some have said that I was very presumptuous to say that Brother Brigham was my God & Savior. Brother Joseph was his God. The one that gave Joseph the keys of the kingdom was his God which was Peter. Jesus Christ was his God & the God & Father of Jesus Christ was Adam."

Apr 10, 1865 - Special conference agrees to build telegraph line in Utah. At same time Black Hawk War with Native American Indians commences in central Utah and continues for two years.

Apr 10, 1875 - Brigham Young changes ranking in Quorum of Twelve and demotes Orson Hyde and Orson Pratt beneath John Taylor for first time in nearly thirty-seven years. This makes Taylor senior-ranking apostle after Young. This action also releases Hyde as president of Quorum of Twelve, office to which he had been publicly sustained since Dec. 27, 1847. However, because of their mutual dislike Young declines to sustain Taylor in Hyde's former office either privately or publicly.

Apr 10, 1878 - Wilford Woodruff writes in his diary, " I was Appointed at the last October Conference as the Chairman of the Auditing Committee to Audit the Accounts of the Late Presidet Brigham Young Trustee in trust of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and all other Church Accounts And after 6 Months of hard Labor we find the Esstate of the Late Presidt Brigham Young indebted to the Church on Trustee busines to the Amt of $999,632.90 and never have been Enabled to form a Settlement of the Esstate with the Executors untill to day when all Accounts were setled and the following properties turned over .... This property turned over was Church Property or to Pay Church Debts." The church finally settles with the heirs of Brigham Young concerning that part of Young's estate that the church has claim upon. However one of Young's heirs challenges this claim in court but loses.

Apr 10, 1880 - Presiding apostle John Taylor reconvenes Council of Fifty for first time in nearly twelve years.

Apr 10, 1882 - Unsuccessful convention seeking statehood.

Apr 10, 1883 - At 7:30 p.m. at Lehigh College in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, James E. Talmage administers "0.3 grams white Arsenic" to a "Full-grown male cat." He give a second dose two hours later and a third dose the next morning at 10:00 a.m. The cat is finally "Killed by force at 12:30." Talmage then dissects the cat and fills 12 pages of notes.

Apr 10, 1885 - Wilford Woodruff records "I dreamed last night I was arested by 2 Marshal for Cohabitation with my wives. This is the 2d time I have dreamed this."

Apr 10, 1906 - The Quorum of Apostles meets with six mission presidents to discuss "the resignations of the brethren John W. Taylor and Matthias F. Cowley. We were together over three hours and a half. All spoke and voted they were one in faith." Taylor and Cowley were singled out by U.S. Government officials as evidence that the church wasn't serious about stopping polygamy."

Apr 10, 1910 - Stake president writes of church members "complaining on account of so many Smiths being chosen." Recent conference sustained John Henry Smith as second counselor and President Smith's son, Joseph Fielding Smith, as new apostle. In addition to appointing his son Hyrum M. an apostle in 1901. Smith also appoints his son David A. Smith to Presiding Bishopric in 1907.

Apr 10, 1947 - Eldred G. Smith is ordained patriarch to the church, fourteen years after Quorum of Twelve recommended him. He is nuclear engineer for Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee which helped usher in atomic age at Hiroshima, Japan.

Apr 10, 1956 - non-LDS governor of Utah, J. Bracken Lee, speaks of his counsel to prominent non-Mormons: "I said to them you are never going to have any success in Utah unless you let the leaders of the Church give you some advice."

Apr 10, 1975 - Twins Daniel and David Geslison, age twenty-one, begin service as missionaries in Iceland, two days after returning from their first two-year missions, Daniel from Japan and David from Korea. On Aug. 20, 1977, CHURCH NEWS refers to their recent "return home" from missionary service in Iceland.

Apr 10, 1990 - Changes in temple ceremony promote gender equality, de-emphasize symbolic violence, and eliminate Protestant minister from endowment drama. This becomes nation-wide news in special reports by NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TIMES, TIME MAGAZINE, U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, and in Associated Press report published in local newspapers.

Apr 10, 1996 - Mormon investors announce they are purchasing Southern Virginia College (SVC), four months after it loses accreditation as two-year school and one month before its closing, to turn it into Mormon school without official sponsorship by LDS headquarters. The likely success of this unprecedented idea is indicated by its announcement in CHURCH NEWS and choice of David Ferrel as college's new president. He is senior employee of recently appointed general authority Richard B. Wirthlin who formally endorses school. Having arranged for LDS congressmen to pressure accrediting association to reconsider its decision, newly installed Mormon trustees announce that SVC will be four-year college with starting freshman class of 400 students who meet same standards of conduct and entrance requirements as at BYU.

Apr 10-11, 1890 - Both U.S. Senate and House propose bills to disfranchise all Mormons. With delaying tactics by Mormon allies in Congress, these two bills make slow progress into summer, but Supreme Court decision in Feb. 1890 assures eventual enactment.

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