October 16th

Oct 16, 1847 - Nineteen-year-old plural wife Emmeline B. Woodward writes her fifty-two-year-old husband Newel K. Whitney after two years of marriage: "That portion of your affection which I enjoy is sweeter to me, than the WHOLE love of another could be now . . . Like as a vine entwineth itself around an AGED tree, so do my affections entwine about thy heart."

Oct 16, 1875 - Establishment of Brigham Young Academy in Provo, renamed "University" in 1903. This is first of church's thirty-seven academies which until 1900 offer primarily elementary level education with some secondary coursework. however, academies also develop college-level "normal" curriculum for teacher-training. By 1934 only four remain LDS institutions. Other major LDS academies are BrighamYoung college at Logan, Utah, in 1877 (closed in 1926), Salt Lake Stake Academy in 1886 (now LDS Business College), Bannock Stake Academy in 1888 (later changed to Ricks College and even later to BYU Idaho), St. George Stake Academy in 1888 (now Utah state-operated Dixie College), Sanpete Stake Academy in 1888 (now Utah state-operated Snow College), Weber Stake Academy in 1891 (now state-operated Weber State University), St. Joseph Stake Academy in 1891 (now state-operated Eastern Arizona College), and Juarez Stake Academy in 1897 (later Academia Juarez).

Oct 16, 1882 - Ordination of first Utah-born apostle, Heber J. Grant. Grant is also first general authority who has previously experienced nervous breakdown. As apostle his debts result in chronic insomnia and nervousness that he frequently fears are pushing him toward another breakdown. Grant's concern for his emotional health is underscored by mental problems he later observes in four fellow general authorities.

Oct 16, 1940 - Salt Lake City police department begins furnishing to First Presidency police surveillance information on suspected polygamists.

Oct 16, 1951 - Temple council of First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles and Patriarch to church decides to allow beer commercials on church-owned KSL television station.

Oct 16, 1976 - "10,000 concerned citizens" attend "Rally for Decency" supported by LDS church in its anti-pornography drive. By assignment from headquarters to local congregations, Mormons are picketing Salt Lake City's X-rated movie houses which soon close

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