September 18th

Sept 18, 1885 - John Sharp, local bishop, agrees in court to obey anti-polygamy laws. He is first Utah polygamist to be convicted and only fined. Regarded as traitor, he is released as bishop on Oct. 1. However, Sharp remains chair of LDS People's Party central committees for Salt Lake County and Utah territory until 1887. Therefore, it is unlikely he would have been released form Council of Fifty had it convened after Oct. 1884.

Sept. 18, 1892 - First Presidency Secretary L. John Nuttall writes in his diary: "I went on the 8 a.m. train for Provo. Found all well. This afternoon Mr. M. M. Warner called on me and requested permission to keep company with my daughter Eleanor. I explained to him my reason for my objections to her doing so, and to his keeping company with her with a view to marriage. . . . I told him I wished him to not keep her company at least until I had more proof of his intentions to settled down as a Citizen, and show by his acts of his honorable intentions, &c., also that I did not want him to come to my house to visit my daughter, but to treat her as any other lady but not anything further. Which he promised to do. He then asked my permission to come to the house this evening, which I granted.

"This is a matter which has caused me much grief and sorrow. For I cannot consent for any one of my daughters to marry an outsider, and my daughter Eleanor seems almost determined to keep Mr. Warner's company, which is very strange to myself as also her mother. I walked out with my wife Elizabeth this evening for an hour and we talked over this matter. She is also much opposed as her feelings to Eleanor's wishes. I went to bed early, before which I went to the Lord in prayer and asked for the guidance of His spirit, and asked forgiveness for allowing Mr. Warner to even spend this evening at my house, for it is so repugnant to my feelings."

Sept 18, 1907 - Front-page headline of THE LOGAN REPUBLICAN: "Bear Lake Monster Appears: Leviathan Comes from Lake and Devours Horse While Men Shoot At It."

Sept 18, 1932 - Church's Adult Aaronic Priesthood program begins as local innovation in Salt Lake 28th Ward. It becomes churchwide program next year.

Sept 18, 1937 - CHUCH SECTION full-page article "The Eleusinian Mysteries," which continues as another full-page article on Sept 25. This is 100 years since LDS periodical at church headquarters first described Eleusinian Mysteries. Through Oct 23 there are weekly full-page discussions of "The Mysteries of Bacchus" in two parts, "Orphic Reincarnation," and finally "The Mysteries Of The Great Mother."

Sept 18, 1949 - CHURCH NEWS reports that Ute Indian Albert Harris has been "recently chosen to represent his race and Church on the Roosevelt Stake High Council."

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