October 26th

Oct 26, 1843 - Joseph Smith seals Dr. John M. Bernhisel to his deceased sister Maria Bernhisel.

Oct 26, 1869 - Brigham Young writes to Thomas L. Kane in that the constitution of the State of Deseret had been amended so that "all male citizens of the United States over 21 years of age having residence of 6 months in this state (State of Deseret) shall be entitled to vote; the words 'free, white male,' having been struck out. The number of votes polled on this amendment was 14,000 for, and 30 against."

Oct 26, 1854 - Bishop publishes notice in DESERET NEWS that Enoch M. King is disfellowshipped "for repeatedly refusing to conform to the rules of said Church, in the law of Tithing."

Oct 26, 1904 - Apostle George Albert Smith instructs Salt Lake stake prayer circle: "Among some women the practice of removing the garments from the neck and arms and tying them behind the back was common. These were serious faults, and might result in the offenders being disfellowshipped."

Oct 26, 1933 - At temple council meeting his counselors and Twelve persuade Heber J. Grant not to distribute his Apr. and Oct. conference talks against repeal of national Prohibition. On Nov. 7 Utah's voters elect anti-Prohibition candidates who time their convention on Dec. 5 to make Utah the final state necessary to end Prohibition.

Oct 26, 2003 - Spencer LeVan Kimball, retired University of Chicago law professor and former executive director of the American Bar Association, dies in Salt Lake City at age 85. According to Illinois Bar Association Obituary: "A veteran of service as a Navy lieutenant during World War II and a Rhodes Scholar, Mr. Kimball graduated from the University of Utah Law School and became its dean at age 35. He later was a law professor and legal research director at the University of Michigan and dean of the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Kimball was director of the Wisconsin Statutes Revision Project, a model for insurance codes, and a founder of an international insurance law association." Spencer LeVan Kimball's disbelief in Mormonism is discussed in the official biography of his father Spencer W. Kimball.

Oct 26, 1995 - BYU's spokesman announces that university officials have accepted explanation of mathematics professor John Milo Peterson that only "a clerical error" was involved in his claiming for twenty years that University of Georgia had awarded him Ph.D. degree (which qualifies him as specialist in mathematics) rather than his actual degree of Ed.D. (which qualifies him as specialist in educational techniques) from Utah State University. Peterson is currently stake president and his college dean is patriarch of that stake. As stake president, Peterson asks every applicant for priesthood ordination and temple recommends following question: "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen?" In 1993 national CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION noted that Peterson's annual salary was $103,000 (among BYU's top five) as full professor and director of graduate program in mathematics.

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