May 14th

May 14, 1843 - Presiding Patriarch and Associate President Hyrum Smith assures a citywide congregation that only the devil would give a revelation approving "wifes & concubines."

May 14, 1844 - The last initiation into Joseph Smith's Quorum of the Anointed is performed. This is probably the date Joseph ordains Lyman Wight for his Texas mission and gives him "a white stone."
William Law, former counselor to Joseph Smith, writes in his diary: "[Joseph] ha[s] lately endeavored to seduce my wife, and ha[s] found her a virtuous woman."

May 14, 1845 - The Twelve appoint the next Thursday (third week of the month) "as a day of public FASTING AND PRAYER to Almighty God." In August, it was the second Thursday, and Thursday remained fast-day for Utah Mormons until the 1890's.

May 14, 1875 - "after urging," Elizabeth Ann Whitney spoke in tongues with fluid ease for some five minutes. Eliza R. Snow affirmed that it was the "pure tongue of Adam."

May 14, 1885 - Apostles Brigham Young, Jr. and Moses Thatcher meet with on Carlos Pacheco of the Porfirio Diaz cabinet to obtain permission for polygamous Mormons to settle just across the border from United States. Although polygamy is illegal under Mexican law, Pacheco says Mexican authorities will not bother a polygamist unless his wife files complaint. Mormon colonies center in Colonia Juarez (named after Mexico's national hero) and include colonies named after President Diaz and cabinet member Pacheco.

May 14, 1891 - Concerning young man who has been endowed and "sealed to his wife wihout having been ordained to any Priesthood," First Presidency decides to have him ordained as elder, but not to require him to be re-endowed or re-sealed.

May 14, 1895 - Heber J. Grant writes: "This evening Gusta and I attended the meeting held in the interests of the Woman's suffrage cause in the Assembly Hall. Susan B. Anthony. Rev. Anna Shaw and others addressed the meeting. I was pleased with all that was said, but was amused beyond expression by Miss Shaw's address. It was brim full and running over with good things and delivered with force and ability She has a very amusing way of telling things and I do not think that I ever laughed so much in a half hour before in my life as I did when she was showing up some of the absurdities of those apposed to woman's suffrage."

May 14, 1929 - First verified date of Lorin C. Woolley's ordination of his priesthood "council of Friends," from which 90 percent of Mormon Fundamentalists derive authority to continue their "priesthood work." He claims he is last survivor of "Council of Friends" ordained by John Taylor on Sept. 27, 1886 to keep plural marriage alive. On Sept. 22, 1929 - Woolley signs detailed account of circumstances surrounding 1886 revelation.

May 14, 1945 - Death of Heber J. Grant, who is also last surviving member of the theocratic Council of Fifty. As his funeral procession passes Roman catholic Cathedral of the Madeleine, its bells toll and assembled priests bow in respect. Grant is succeeded by as president by George Albert Smith who is the first LDS president never to have practiced polygamy.

May 14, 1961 - Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith announces to stake conference in Honolulu: "We will never get a man into space. This earth is man's sphere and it was never intended that he should get away from it." Smith, the Twelve's president and next in succession as LDS President, adds: "The moon is a superior planet to the earth and it was never intended that man should go there. You can write it down in your books that this will never happen." In May 1962, he privately instructs that this view be taught to "the boys and girls in the Seminary System." On 20 July 1969 U.S. Astronauts are first men to walk on moon. Six months later Joseph Fielding Smith becomes church president.

May 14, 1976 - Washington Post article: "Mormon Income Is $3 Million Per Day."

May 14, 1977 - Establishment of first Bishop's storehouse outside Salt Lake City (in Colton, CA).

May 14, 1988 - 800 Mormon teenagers and young adults participate in dance festival in New Jersey as part of church's Centennial in that state. This demonstrates replication of western Mormon culture wherever LDS population is sufficient. LDS dance festivals are discontinued in 1990.

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