August 10th

Aug 10, 1835 - Minutes of "The High Council of Kirtland" note that they assembled "to hear complaint of President Joseph Smith, Jun., against Elder Reynolds Cahoon, in that the latter had failed to do his duty in correcting his children, and instructing them in the way of truth and righteousness; which was proved and decision given accordingly. Elder Cahoon confessed the correctness of the decision and promised to make public acknowledgment before the Church."

Aug 10, 1842 - Joseph Smith goes into hiding to avoid a second arrest.

Aug 10, 1847 - William Clayton writes in his journal of the progress the pioneers have made since their arrival 18 days ago: "in addition to the plowing done week before last they have plowed about 30 acres which is mostly planted, making a total of about 80 acres. . . . the brethren are now making adobies, hawling logs &c. Elder [Henry] Sherwood continues surveying the City. [Thomas] Tanner and [Burr] Frost are setting wagon tire and have set 52 today. The brethren who went to the Lake on Monday to boil down salt have returned this evening and report that they have found a bed of beautiful salt ready to load onto wagons. It lays between two Sand bars and is about 6 inches thick. They suppose they can easily load ten wagons without boiling. I have received from Elder Kimball a pair of buckskin pants, as a present I suppose, but as I have on similar occasions been branded with the idea of receiving a great many kindnesses without consideration, I will for this once state a little particular on the other side of the question. I acknowledge that I have had the privilege of riding in a wagon and sleeping in it, of having my victual cooked, and some meat and milk, and occasionally a little tea or coffee furnished. My flour I furnished myself."

Aug 10, 1863 - CHICAGO TIMES notes, in an article about the newly opened Chicago Museum: "There are the two mummies which in the hands of Joe Smith were made to give a revelation and still they bear the original tablets with the cabalistic or coptic characters thereon."

Aug 10, 1884 - Anti-Mormon mob attacks Sunday meeting of Mormons in Tennessee and murders four men, including missionaries William S. Berry and John H. Gibbs.

Aug 10, 1985 - Speaking at a regional priesthood leadership conference in, Apostle Boyd K. Packer says: "We are in a time when `magazines' are available which defame and belittle the brethren. Authors are `scratching out' articles which seek these goals--and some young people are following. . . . These people argue, 'i[f] it's true, then say it.' . . . There are those who are crying sin and falsehood about the brethren and the prophets--especially regarding the Manifesto and polygamy. They are `offending little ones.'" Historian D. Michael Quinn, who had recently published an article, "LDS Church Authority and New Plural Marriages, 1890-1904," interprets the statement as referring to him.

Aug 10, 1996 - Groundbreaking for temple in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 14 years after it was announced. It is dedicated three years later.

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