April 27th

Apr 27, 1838 - Joseph Smith's clerk George W. Robinson writes that "Joseph Smith, Jr., Sidney Rigdon, [and] myself" began "writing a history of this Church from the earliest period of its existance." This undoubtedly includes a description of Joseph Smith's first vision but this document in Robinson's handwriting is missing.

Apr 27, 1843 - Joseph Smith marries William Clayton to Margaret Moon. Margaret is the sister of Clayton's legal wife Ruth. Smith has told Clayton that he has "the right to get all [the wives] you can." Three months later Smith dictates the revelation on plural marriage, D&C 132, to Clayton.
Hyrum Smith teaches that there is "a whole train and lineage of gods."

Apr 27, 1844 - Joseph Smith's scribe records in Joseph's Journal, "9 A.M. R[obert] D. Foster come up for trial. After much conversation with the Mayor in which he charged Joseph with many crimes [like] Daniteism in Nauvoo, and a great variety of vile and false Epithets and charges. Court adjourned to Monday 9 A.M. Foster agreed to meet Joseph on 2d Monday of May at the stand and have a settlement. Foster then said he would publish it [in the] Warsaw paper. Joseph told him if he did not agree to be quiet [and] not attempt to raise a mob and [threaten violence] he would not meet him. If he would be quiet he would publish it in Neighbor. Foster would not agree to be quiet and Joseph said he was free from his (Foster) blood had made the last overtures of peace, [and] delivered him into the hand of God and shook his garments against him."
Nauvoo Police Chief Hosea Stout reports that Nauvoo's "Whistling and Whittling Brigade" harassed "old" Austin Cowles and drove the former high councilman out of the city.

Apr 27, 1847 - While hunting on the pioneer trek west Orrin Porter Rockwell advances toward what he thinks is a wolf in the tall grass. "The moment he elevated his rifle 15 Indians sprang to their feet, all naked except the breech cloth, and armed with rifles and bows and arrows. Each man having a rifle slung on his back, and his bow strung tight in his hand and about 20 arrows." The Indians ask for "bacco, bacco." They are told there is no tobacco. The Indians fire six shots at Rockwell and his companions as they ride toward the main encampment.

Apr 27, 1855 - Lieutenant in Colonel E. J. Steptoe's command in Salt Lake City writes to friend about his romance and near seduction of one of the wives of Brigham Young's son Joseph (who is on a mission): "Mary [Ayers] Young and I had to give up. Brigham sent me word that if I took her away he would have me killed before I could get out of the Territory. He is a man of his word and little matters of this sort are concluded, I had better not do it, although I went back to the city purposely to get her. We wrote each other affectionate notes."

Apr 27, 1856 - Plural wife Martha Spence Heywood writes in her diary: "I prayed my Heavenly Father that I may receive it [Brigham Young's sermon] in honesty and that it may [make] an impression on my mind and more especially the principle that a woman be she ever so smart, she cannot know more than her husband if he magnifies his Priesthood."

Apr 27, 1862 - Brigham Young preaches: "Never give way to vain laugher. I have seldom laughed aloud for twenty or thirty years without regretting it, and I always blush for those who laugh aloud without meaning. I am often full of joy and gladness, and were I to give way to the promptings of my nature at such times, it would lead to unreasonable levity which would be a source of mortification and sorrow to me. I noticed that the brethren gave way to that laugh which I choose not to hear."

Apr 27, 1875 - Missionary and future apostle John Henry Smith records in his journal: "Chester Call had been perpetrating a fearfull outrage upon a 12 year old daughter of Bro. Scott. The letter was shown to Bro. Call, and he owned to the fact that he had put his hand under her clothes and fingered her privates. The brethren decided that Bro. Call should stop away from meeting on Sunday which he did. On Monday Bros. Lyman and MacFarland went and saw the parents of the child, who told substantially the same story as bro. Call with the exception that the child said he put his finger up her three times. . . . Bro. Call did not try to go any farther in this affair. He went away from the House and was gone three days and returned to Bro. Scotts and asked them to forgive him and they said they would." Chester Call is sent "home as soon as possible."

Apr 27, 1881 - Apostle John Henry Smith records: "My self and wives received our second annointings, J. F. Smith and F. M. Lyman officiating. Julena L. and Edna L. Smith Witnesing and Edna L. Smith received hers also." He has been an apostle for 6 months.

Apr 27, 1961 - First counselor J. Reuben Clark tells apostles: "I think it is terrible for any man in the Church to begin to use his Church position, particularly in finances, to his own advantage. . . .So far as I know there are none of you who are trying to use the Church to your own self-advantage. That cannot be said for all our Church members."

Apr 27, 1984 - U.S. District Court Judge A. Sherman Christensen rules, "polygamy is not a fundamental right constitutionally protected by the free exercise clause of the First Amendment or any right of privacy or liberty." This is in response to a suit by Royston Potter over being fired from his position as a police officer for being a polygamist. The Supreme Court upholds Christensen's ruling.

Apr 27, 1986 - The ten-month speaking ban on authors Linda Newell and Val Avery is lifted. They were banned from giving talks or firesides in church as a consequence of their biography of Emma Smith.

Apr 27, 1991 - CHURCH NEWS feature article about Pulitzer Prize winner Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. However, BYU's administration cancels invitation for her to speak on campus due to her support of Equal Rights Amendment and other feminist causes twenty years ago.

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