July 21st

July 21, 1841 - The WARSAW SIGNAL in Warsaw, Illinois: "How MILITARY these people are becoming! Every thing they say or do seems to breathe the spirit of military tactics. Their PROPHET appears, on all great occasions, in his splendid regimental dress, signs his name Lieut. General, and more titles are to be found in the Nauvoo Legion, than any one book on military tactics can produce; and now comes a public journal, the name of which is composed of two military words. Truly FIGHTING must, be a part of the creed of these Saints!"

July 21, 1842 - Wilford Woodruff writes: "There was a Counsel of the Twelve held for four days with Elder Orson Pratt to labour with him to get him to recall his sayings against Joseph & The Twelve but he persisted in his wicked course & would not recall any of his sayings which were made in public against Joseph & others sayings which were unjust & untrue. The Twelve then rejected him as a member of their quorum & he was cut off from the Church."

July 21, 1847 - Advance Scouts Orson Pratt and Erastus Snow are the first Mormons to enter Salt Lake Valley, and a day later the "advance company of Pioneers" arrive and begin planting crops. Snow writes in his journal: "From the view we had of the valley from the top of the mountain, we supposed it to be only an arm of prairie extending up from the Utah valley, but on ascending this butte we involuntarily, both at the same instant, uttered a shout of joy at finding it to be the very place of our destination, and beheld the broad bosom of the Salt Lake spreading itself before us."

July 21, 1849 - Addison Pratt, departing missionary, receives endowment given on Ensign Peak, "the place being consecrated for the purpose."

July 21, 1853 - Salt Lake City court "release[s]" Thomas Burke from being "a bound boy" to Mormon man who mistreats him as "white" indentured servant.

July 21, 1867 - Apostle George Q. Cannon preaches: "But God, our Heavenly Father, reserved this--the land of promise--for the especial purpose of building up his kingdom in the latter days. As the 'Book of Mormon' informs us, it has been hid from the eyes of the generations of men for this purpose. If it had not been thus hidden the nations of the earth would have overrun the land until there would have been no foothold found for the establishment of the kingdom of God upon it. But the Lord concealed it, from the days of the flood, from the eyes of men, excepting those whom he led hither; as we are informed by the 'Book of Mormon' that no nation after the flood, knew anything about this land; although I believe it, is said in the Norwegian Antiquarian researches, that this land was visited by the Icelanders in the eleventh century. But there is nothing authentic in this. But be that as it may, this land was kept secret until Columbus was moved upon by the Spirit of God, to go forth and penetrate the western ocean."

July 21, 1875 - LDS political newspaper SALT LAKE HERALD publishes John D. Lee's "confession" that "all who participated in the lamentable transaction, or most of them, were acting under orders that they considered it their duty--their religious duty--to obey." Lee says that when informed of Mountain Meadows Massacre, Brigham Young "wept like a child, walked the floor and wrung his hands in bitter anguish."

July 21, 1879 - Joseph Standing is first missionary killed by anti-Mormon mob at Varnell's Station, Georgia. He is shot "by a mob of 10 or 12 men." Accused murderers are acquitted by Georgia court.

July 21, 1883 - Apostle John Henry Smith, in Stockholm Sweden, writes: "Bros E. K. Wrathall and I took a bath. In this country women wait on you. I was successfull in keeping the woman out of my room, but one put Wrathall through a regular Swedish bath, scratching his back and wiping him down."

July 21, 1887 - Apostle Franklin D. Richards: "God the Father came down in his tabernacle of flesh and bone and had association with Mary, and made her pregnant with Jesus."

July 21, 1889 - First Counselor in the First Presidency George Q. Cannon preaches: " We are commanded to be subject to the direction of the Holy Spirit when we arise to speak; for if we speak as we should do, it is not we who speak, but it is the Spirit of God which speaks through us. On this account, the Elders of the Church do not, at least as a rule, prepare themselves before hand with either written or memorized sermons, for if they were to do so, they would depart from the order of heaven, and would prove utter failures."

July 21, 1897 - Wilford Woodruff writes: "Madam Mountford called at the house this evening and gave me a sample of her massage treatment." Woodruff had corresponded with "Madame Lydia Mamreoff Von Finkelstein Mountford," an international lecturer and world traveler, and was rumored to have taken her as a plural wife. During his last years she is constantly mentioned in his diary. She was sealed to him by proxy in 1920.

July 21, 1939 - First Presidency agrees to send no more missionaries to Germany due to danger of "having them thrown into concentration camps, with all the horrors that that entails."

July 21, 1944 - U.S. Armed forces begin invasion of Guam. Paul H. Dunn later tells of his experience in the landing: "We jump in the water, the water's chest high. You gotta hold your rifle over your head. If the muzzle drops in the water-that's salt water-it would blow up when you fire. Did you ever try to run in water up to your chest, loaded down? You don't move very fast. And the enemy starts to pick you up. You're pushing with the butt of your rifle the dead bodies and wounded bodies of your friends and associates you've been training with. The coral is so sharp it cuts the boots off your feet and your feet are starting to bleed like mincemeat, and you're trying to get ashore. I was one of the first ashore that morning. And I dug my first foxhole with my fingernails and I crawled in it. And just as I crawled into that mucky hole an ambu gun opens up that shoots about 700 rounds a minute and it went down my right arm and took off my identification bracelet. And I rolled over and started to talk to Heavenly Father. And he answered me. And I have never been the same since." The division history says of the landing, "Fortunately little fire was received, as the enemy was occupied by the Marines now half a mile inland." Two soldiers who were on Dunn's landing craft affirm it was caught on a coral reef during the landing and did not land until the next day. One of them recalls a casualty that happened in connection with the landing: "One died shortly after we landed at Guam. It was an accident. He had laid his gun down on a jeep; it fell off [and discharged]."

July 21, 1947 - TIME MAGAZINE features President George Albert Smith on its cover.

July 21, 1992 - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services presents plaque to Relief Society general president Elaine Low Jack in honor of Society's service for older women.

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