March 14th

Mar 14, 1882 - The U.S. House of Representatives passes the Edmunds Act 199 to 42 which made polygamy a felony, disfranchises polygamists and made them ineligible to hold public office. Apostle John Henry Smith, who was in Washington to lobby against the bill, writes, "The Republicans were filled with venom and were bent upon the accomplishment of their purpose. Haskell acted like a fiend, and I felt while he was talking down in front of the speakers desk, I should have been pleased to have been turned loose with him and fought in words or in a manly fight. God our father must judge these men for their ev[i]l design and doubt not hi will do so in his own due time." Upon hearing of the vote Wilford Woodruff writes, "We have been looking for this for the Nation to take a Stand against the Saints and the Church and Kingdom of God on the Earth. The nation is taking a Stand against GOD, against CHRIST against the Church and Kingdom & Zion of God on the Earth. They are ripening in iniquity and turning the last keys that will seal their Condemnation that lingers not and preparing themselves for Destruction." Nine and one-half years later the church capitulates on the polygamy issue when Woodruff issues the Manifesto.

Mar 14, 1877 - For the first time in his life Brigham Young is washed and anointed and endowed in behalf of someone else. In the St. George Temple he is washed and anointed, given endowments and second anointing in behalf of someone else the next day also.

Mar 14, 1881 - In the St. George temple, Wilford Woodruff has 41 single, dead women sealed to him.

Mar 14, 1893 - First Presidency and apostles "It was decided to allow all the Saints to go to the dedication [of the Salt Lake Temple] who had a standing [in the Church--i.e. not disfellowshipped or excommunicated]. It had before been decided that a regular recommend was necessary."

Mar 14, 1901 - The First Presidency and apostles decide that when members move from one ward to another the bishops of the ward being left should send membership records to the bishop of the ward being moved into. Previously each member had to get a certificate of standing to take to the new bishop. This created."an army of about 10,000 people connected with the church, who have no standing in any of the wards and stakes of Zion" due to failing to get the required certificate.

Mar 14, 1907 - First Presidency letter: "it is not customary for woman to be anointed to men, to whom they may have been sealed after death, but with whom they had not lived in their lifetime as husband and wife in the marriage relation. . . . the second anointing consists of positive blessings bestowed only upon people who are known, and who can be recommended, for their long and steadfast faithfulness in the Church. And indeed, so particular have the Presidencies been at administering second anointings, that they drew the line between faithful members of the Church who died without gathering with the Church, and faithful members who gathered with the body of the Church and remained faithful afterwards, leaving the faithful people who have died in a scattered condition to be dealt with by the authority on the other side of the veil. But the main thought intended to be conveyed by us in this particular case is that the parties receiving the blessings must not only be known for their fidelity and faithfulness, but they must be, or have been, husband and wife as well, or one flesh, to use the scriptural expression. Your brethren, Joseph F. Smith John R. Winder Anthon H. Lund

Mar 14, 1942 - First Presidency orders bullet-proof glass for windows of its office to protect against air attack by Japanese.

Mar 14, 1952 - First Presidency letter states minimum age for male missionaries is twenty and for female missionaries is twenty-three.

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