September 20th

Sept 20, 1844 - Heber C. Kimball tells William Clayton that he "shall yet have Sarah Crooks." Clayton had fallen in love with Crooks while on a mission in England. Clayton was married so did not pursue the relationship. Joseph Smith encouraged Clayton to send for Crooks after revealing plural marriage to him. Crooks arrived in Nauvoo but did not agree with polygamy or Joseph Smith and had already married another man by this date.

Sept 20, 1848 - Brigham Young returns to Salt Lake City and never again leaves Great Basin.

Sept 20, 1850 - Brigham Young is appointed governor of the Territory of Utah by federal government.

Sept 20, 1853 - "Uncle John" Smith, Presiding Patriarch, confers upon his son, apostle George A. Smith, "all the keys of the Patriarchal Priesthood that ever was sealed upon any man on the earth." He also says in the blessing, "all the inhabitants of the earth shall know that the Lord did choose the Smith family to build up Zion & did by them lay the foundation of this Church which shall never be overthrown neither shall the name of the Smith family be blotted out under Heaven." Despite Presiding Patriarch's dying request in 1854 that his son be his successor, Brigham Young instead chooses oldest son of Martyred Hyrum Smith.

Sept 20, 1857 - Ten days after the Mountain Meadows massacre Heber C. Kimball preaches in Salt Lake City: "Do I want to shed the blood of my brethren and sisters, or to see it shed? No: and neither do you, unless the Holy Ghost dictates for us to shed the blood of our enemies; then it is just as right as it is for us to partake of the sacrament. But I wish they would take the hint, and go the other way, and not attempt to come here. We do not want to hurt them; but if they come upon us, and we have to repel them by the force of arms, God Almighty will give us the power to do it: now, mark it." The next speaker, President Brigham Young, begins his sermon with "Brother Heber wants to know whether he has said anything wrong. So far as I am concerned, and so far as the truth is concerned, he has not."

Sept 20, 1865 - SALT LAKE TELEGRAM reports that Salt Lake City's Jews celebrate Yom Kippur in LDS 14th Ward chapel, as arranged by Brigham Young.

Sept 20, 1876 - In John D. Lee's second trial he is convicted of murder for his part in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. The jury deliberates for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Unlike at his first trial where no faithful LDS testified for the prosecution, many now testified against Lee including Daniel H. Wells (second counselor to Brigham Young), and massacre participants Nephi Johnson (Lieutenant in Nauvoo Legion who lead killing of women and children), Jacob Hamblin (president of Southern Indian Mission). Johnson and Hamblin perjure themselves and put all blame on Lee. Judge Jacob S. Boremon allowed the all-Mormon jury to be informed that Wells's presence indicated that the LDS church supported the prosecution. Juror Andrew Correy quoted the Book of Mormon to justify his guilty vote: "Some one had to be sacrificed, so at last I gave in….Better for one man to die than for a whole nation to dwindle in unbelief." But he says of his guilty vote that finally made it unanimous, "I felt miserable, just as though the devil had some power over me."

Sept 20, 1883 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr. prophesies that in thirty years the membership of the Church will reach 143,000,000--one million times the number of the first pioneer party to arrive in the Salt Lake Valley.

Sept 20, 1896 - Seventy's president J. Golden Kimball preaches: "There are 500 girls who are public prostitutes in Salt Lake City. Some of these are daughters of Latter-Day Saints."

Sept 20, 1905 - As Joseph F. Smith and his wife sleep, a burglar robs their bedroom.

Sept 20, 1917 - James H. Moyle appointed Assistant Secretary of U.S. Treasury, serving to 1921, and again (1939-40). He is first Mormon to achieve sub-Cabinet appointment in U.S. government. Appointments of similar rand for other Mormons are Assistant Attorney General Frank K. Nebeker (1919-21), Under-Secretary of State J. Reuben Clark (1928-30), Assistant Secretary of Treasury Marriner S. Eccles (1934-36), Assistant Secretary of Commerce Robert H. Hinckley (1940-42), Assistant Secretary of Treasure David M. Kennedy (1953-54), Assistant Secretary of Labor Esther W. Eggertsen Peterson (1961-69), Assistant Secretary of Interior Jack W. Carlson (1974-76), Assistant Attorney General Rex E. Lee (1975-76), Assistant Secretary of State Gregory J. Newell (1982-85), Under-Secretary of Commerce Sidney L. Jones (1984-86), Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services James O. Mason (1989-1993), Assistant Secretary of Treasury Sidney L. Jones (1989-93).

Sept 20, 1921 - Apostle Reed Smoot receives letter from president of Fox Films, agreeing to stop exhibiting movie RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE, after First Presidency condemned film on Aug 24. Studio estimates its loss at $300,000 for withdrawing this and THE RAINBOW TRAIL, which LDS leaders also regard as anti-Mormon. Studio re-edits RIDERS, which Apostle Smoot reviews and approves on Feb 15, 1925.

Sept 20, 1984 - Second counselor Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates temple near Sydney, Australia.

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