October 9th

Oct 9, 1848 - Arsonist burns Nauvoo temple. Its ruins are leveled by tornado on May 27, 1850.

Oct 9, 1856 - In the midst of Utah Reformation's frenzy, Apostle Wilford Woodruff notes, "The spirit of God is like a flame among the Leaders of this people & they are throwing the arrows of the Almighty among the people."

Oct 9, 1868 - Brigham Young adjourns Council of Fifty. He never reconvenes it again.

Oct 9, 1872 - Brigham Young and his counselors are each sustained as "Prophet, Seer and Revelator." This is first conference since 1859 which sustains anyone with that title. Quorum of Twelve Apostles are not presented in this manner at this conference, and from April 8, 1873 until his death Young is only church officer sustained by conferences as "Prophet, Seer and Revelator."

Oct 9, 1882 - Apostle Erastus Snow preaches that early Mormons "supposed that our Prophet was going to continue with us until the coming of the Savior."

Oct 9, 1883 - In several hours of meeting with stake presidents, First Presidency and apostles give instructions about "Masturbation...self-pollution of both sexes and excessive sexual indulgence in the married relation." This is the first-known Mormon reference to female masturbation.

Oct 9, 1884 - Last time Council of Fifty formally convenes; its last surviving member dies in 1945.

Oct 9, 1889 - Salt Lake stake high council excommunicates elder for having local bishop perform unauthorized plural marriage for him four years earlier. Stake authorities had not authorized marriage because the young woman has " blood in her veins." First counselor says her father is "about 1/6 Nigger from his appearance."

Oct 9, 1947 - First Presidency and apostles decide to allow faithful African-American Mormons to receive patriarchal blessings, and Patriarch Eldred G. Smith blesses black couple.

Oct 9, 1971 - DESERET NEWS publishes on front page of local section a First Presidency statement which condemns upcoming Salt Lake City performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR as "a profane and sacrilegious attack upon true Christianity." Although statement advises everyone to oppose this production, audience fills Salt Palace to "near capacity" for musical's only scheduled performance on Oct. 12.

Oct 9, 1992 - LDS church-sponsored picnic hosts ambassadors and other diplomats from thirty-three countries at Marriott Family's farm in Hume, Virginia. With at least one LDS apostle in cowboy clothing provided to all attenders, this "Ambassadorial Western Family Picnic" is annual event attended by diplomats from ever-larger number of nations.

Oct 9, 1994 - Howard W. Hunter dedicates temple near Orlando, Florida.

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