July 27th

July 27, 1838 - Joseph Smith writes in his journal: "We have a company of Danites in these times, to put to right physically that which is not right, and to clense the Church of every great evil which has hitherto existed among us inasmuch as they cannot be put to right by teachings and persuasyons."

July 27, 1842 - Another revelation is given by Joseph Smith on polygamy. The text is available but is not canonized or officially published. In the revelation Newell K Whitney is instructed to marry his seventeen-year-old daughter, Sarah Ann, to thirty-six-year-old Joseph Smith. Whitney performs the ceremony using words provided in the revelation which include, "I give you S. A. Whitney my Daughter to Joseph Smith to be his wife to observe all the rights between you both that belong to that condition."

July 27, 1847 - The Salt Lake Valley pioneers are visited by two Ute Indians. They give the Indians "a rifle and a musket" in exchange for two ponies. Later, in the afternoon, "two more Indians came in to trade. Some of the brethren are making unwise trades giving 20 charges of powder and balls for a buck skin, while the usual price is three charges."

July 27, 1853 - DESERET NEWS publishes March 12 sermon of second counselor Jedediah M. Grant: "But if Latter Day Saints should put to death the covenant breakers, it would try the faith of the very meek, just, and pious among them, and it would cause a great deal of whining in Israel . . . and it is also their right to kill a sinner to save him, when he commits those crimes that can only be atoned for by shedding his blood."

July 27, 1857 - Samuel L. Sprague, president of weekly prayer circle in Salt Lake City, instructs his members about "the holy anointing, that those who appreciated those sacred ordinances had in them the spirit and power to avenge the blood of the Prophets."

July 27, 1878 - Emmeline B. Wells, Isabella M. Horne, and Sarah M. Kimball become first female delegates to county convention of church's People's Party of which they also become members of Salt Lake County central committee. However, convention has to withdraw nomination for Wells as People's Candidate for county treasurer because "though the statute provided for the enfranchisement of women, it does not admit of their holding office." Instead, Wells hoins with Bathsheba W. Smith on Oct. 7 as first female member of territorial central committee of the People's Party.

July 27, 1887 - SALT LAKE TRIBUNE responds in an editorial to the previous day's charge by George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith that John Taylor was "killed by the cruelty of those officials who have in this Territory misrepresented the government of the United States." The TRIBUNE states: "George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith seized upon the opportunity presented by the death of a worn-out old man to grossly slander some gentlemen whose only crime has been their efforts to perform their official duties under their oaths. There has not been one moment during the past two and a half years that John Taylor could not have shaken all fear of Federal officials by simply appearing before the District Court and promising to henceforth obey the laws."

July 27, 1899 - Minutes of the weekly meeting of First Presidency and Apostles: "In view of the charge of adultery brought by our enemies against Apostle H. J. Grant, and the possibility of the Presidency and Twelve being called in as witnesses, there was some discussion as to what attitude it would be best for the brethren to assume. It was finally decided that the matter be left to each one to answer according to the whisperings of the Spirit of the time."

July 27, 1902 - DESERET NEWS editorial, "Blood Atonement," affirmed: "We take the ground that the only atonement a murderer can make for his guilt is the shedding of his blood according to the divine mandate.
"Under the new and everlasting covenant, as well as under the Mosaic law and the patriarchal law which preceded it, and adulterer who is under a sacred vow not to commit that crime is also worthy of death. But this is not sanctioned by modern civil law; therefore, the penalty cannot be executed. For the Church is commanded of God to obey the laws of the land."

July 27, 1913 - Seventy's president J. Golden Kimball is publicly beaten in Salt Lake City by grocer. Assailant is acquitted by "jury of grocers."

July 27, 1915 - Revolutionary followers of Emiliano Zapata execute Mexican branch president Rafael Monroy and Vincente Morales, also LDS, after each tells Zapatistas: "I cannot renounce my religion."

July 27, 1932 - Heber J. Grant writes: "It makes one's heart ache to see so many people who are willing to work and cannot find positions." Great Depression hits Utah particularly hard because its agricultural economy has also experienced local depression during national "Roaring Twenties." In some urban stakes, 60 percent of previously employed Mormons are without jobs in 1932.

July 27, 1946 -- Saturday, Brazilian Mormons in Sao Paulo celebrate Utah Pioneer Day.

July 27, 1953 - DESERET NEWS editorial applauds the previous day's police raid of the polygamous community of Short Creek: "We hope the unfortunate activities at Short Creek will be cleaned up once and for all."

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