May 8th

May 8, 1834 - Zion's Camp begins its armed march from Kirtland, Ohio, to Jackson County, Missouri, in obedience to a revelation of February 24: "the redemption of Zion must come by power . . . and ye shall avenge me of mine enemies."

May 8, 1838 - Joseph Smith spends part of the day answering questions for publication in THE ELDER'S JOURNAL. One question and answer is: "Question 10. Was not Jo Smith a money digger. Answer. Yes, but it was never a very proffitable job to him, as he only got fourteen dollars a month for it." At the time Joseph was a money digger Erie Canal workers received only twelve dollars a month.

May 8, 1844 - Forty-two-year-old Brigham Young takes sixteen-year-old Clarissa Caroline Decker as his fourth wife. Young had already taken Clarissa's sister Lucy as his second wife two years previously.

May 8, 1845 - Brigham Young instructs that church publications be copyrighted in his name as church president.

May 8, 1861 - Brigham Young's office journal notes: "Pres[ident Daniel H.] Wells in a conversation he had with Pres. Joseph Young noticed that Jefferson Davis & Secretary Floyd, were traitors to the general government, as they had been acting treacherously to the Government for the last four years, and favoring the Southern Confederacy. Pres[ident] Joseph Young remarked that if such treacherous men should have their blood shed it might lighten the penalty of their crimes when they were brought to judgment."

May 8 1864 - Apostle Erastus Snow writes that he "could not conscientiously, and in justice to the cause we are engaged in, refuse to Brother [Orson] Pratt [Jr.] the liberty to withdraw from the [High] Council as Brother Pratt's statements of his views, doubting as he does, the divinity of the calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the consequent building up of the Church" Orson Pratt Jr. had asked to be released but Erastus Snow had been trying to talk him out of it.

May 8, 1870 - Brigham Young is sealed for eternity to Lydia Farnsworth Mayhew, who had nine children by her Mormon husband, Elijah Mayhew. Young is not sealed to her "for time" and she continues to life with her husband Elijah until her death in 1896.

May 8, 1901 - At a meeting in the Salt Lake Temple. President Lorenzo Snow says that every man who had wives ought to have a thousand dollars of income for each of them. On motion of H. J. Grant, Pres. Jos. F. S. was allowed that amount,

May 8, 1978 - Donny Osmond marries BYU freshman Debra Glenn.

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