June 8th

June 8, 1830 - The CINCINNATI ADVERTISER AND OHIO PHOENIX reports: "A fellow by the name of Joseph Smith, who resides in the upper part of Susquehanna county, has been, for the last two years we are told, employed in dedicating [dictating] as he says, by inspiration, a new bible. He pretended that he had been entrusted by God with a golden bible which had been always hidden from the world. Smith would put his face into a hat in which he had a white stone, and pretend to read from it, while his coadjutor transcribed. The book purports to give an account of the "Ten Tribes" and strange as it may seem, there are some who have full faith in his Divine commission. The book it seems is now published."

June 8, 1834 - Joseph Smith appoints his brother Hyrum as captain of twenty "life guards" for the prophet. George A. Smith is appointed Joseph's "armor bearer."

June 8, 1837 - Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon resign their positions in the Kirtland Safety Society, sell their interests and walk away from the institution.

June 8, 1844 - The day after the publication of the NAUVOO EXPOSITOR, Mayor Joseph Smith "Made a long speech in favor of having an ordinance to suppress Libels &c. in Nauvoo and a committee was appointed to draft."

June 8, 1854 - Upon meeting non-Mormon friend, LDS convert of less than two years writes: "he is one of my old Friends, one that I loved and in whose society I have spent many many hours, but now I have nothing to say." Such awkwardness around non-Mormons is common response of many Mormons, whether converted or born into LDS church.

June 8, 1866 - Wilford Woodruff writes: "I performed one of the worst days work of my life to day. I Cleaned out a Privey vault 10 feet long 6 feet wide & 8 feet deep & with an Indian Boy dug another vault of the same size 10 rods from the privey & carried all the Contents of the Privey in Buckets by hand & Emptied into the new vault."

June 8, 1878 - While under indictment for murder, Orrin Porter Rockwell dies of natural causes at age sixty-five. Rockwell, a boyhood friend of Joseph Smith, had been a member of the church longer than any other living person.

Jun 8, 1883 - Apostle and European Mission President John Henry Smith writes in his journal: "Scott Anderson confessed that he was guilty of self polution [masturbation] and asked to be re-baptised. I instructed Bro. Parkinson to attend to it for him."

Jun 8, 1889 - Apostle Lorenzo Snow says that "his sister, the late Eliza R. Snow Smith, was a firm believer in the principle of reincarnation and that she claimed to have received if from the Joseph the Prophet, her husband. He said he saw nothing unreasonable in it, and could believe it, if it came from the Lord or His oracle."

June 8, 1896 - Titles to the church's real estate that had been attached by the federal government is turned over to President Wilford Woodruff, bringing to an end the confiscation proceedings that started with the Edmunds-Tucker Act.

June 8, 1899 - Apostle John Henry Smith reports to the First Presidency and Twelve that "The Book of Mormon, he said, was being sold by the Josephites [Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints] in the South at 50 cts. per volume. He recommended that a cheap edition of the Book of Mormon be published by the Church to meet this condition. Apostles J. H. Smith and M. F. Cowley were appointed a committee to look into the matter. Brother Cowley stated that the Book of Mormon could be published in the South for 27 1/2 cts. and in the North for 33 1/2 cts., just as good in style and finish as the dollar edition sold in Salt Lake."

June 8, 1903 - First Presidency and apostles meet in the Salt Lake Temple and decide "to allow the people of St. John and Snowflake [Arizona] stakes to move away if they wished to as so much damage had come to them in recent floods in the Little Colorado River."

June 8, 1907 - Missionary, and future member of the First Presidency, Hugh B. Brown writes to his future wife: "Zina, are you still as undecided as when I left you in regard to our future and your feelings toward me? I feel that if I knew I would be more contented and being assured of "sunshine" in the future the clouds of the present would not seem so heavy; excuse me for pressing the question but suspense and indecision are not pleasant." Zina Y. Card replies, "I don't feel like I could decide so important a question now, Hugh. . . . You cannot blame me for wanting to stay perfectly free in that direction for a long time or until I feel sure that I am making no more mistakes." They are married on June 17, 1908 by President Joseph F. Smith.

June 8, 1941 - First counselor J Reuben Clark tells annual conference of youth and their leaders: "When I was a boy it was preached from the stand, and my father and mother repeated the principle to me time and time again. They said, 'Reuben, we had rather bury you than to have you become unchaste.' and that is the law of this Church."

June 8, 1948 - Reid E. Bankhead is first to receive Master of Theology degree from Brigham Young University where he later becomes professor of religion.

June 8, 1978 - BYU and the U. S. Justice Department sign an agreement resolving the alleged discriminatory housing practices of the university. The Justice Department will not oppose BYU's requiring all single students to live in university-approved housing. Non-student housing complexes or wings of complexes, however, must allow both male and female renters, while student housing complexes continue to be strictly segregated.

June 8, 1996 - SALT LAKE TRIBUNE story that, contrary to recommendation of her department and college, BYU has fired English professor Gail Houston for expressing feminist views off campus. In support of this decision, university spokesman notes that 5 percent of her student-evaluations complain that Houston's courses in English literature do not offer "gospel insights" and are not "spiritually uplifting," even though 90 percent of student evaluations rank her highly. In October the American Association of University Professors begins investigation of this action in terms of due process and academic freedom.

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