October 5th

Oct 5, 1840 - On motion of John C. Bennett, the general conference votes that no one be judged guilty of a crime unless proven "by two or three witnesses." This was Bennett's way of shielding his own extra-marital sexual activities with both females and males.

Oct 5, 1843 - Concerning "the doctrine of plurality of wives," JosephSmith's manuscript diary reads: "Joseph forbids it and the practice thereof. No man shall have but one wife." HISTORY OF THE CHURCH, 6:46 makes an addition which reverses this absolute denial.

Oct 5, 1884 - John Morgan is first Civil War veteran to actually become LDS general authority. He served with Union forces.

Oct 5, 1887 - Beginning of series of meetings in which nearly half of Twelve qaccuse George Q. Cannon of abusing his authority a counselor.

Oct 5, 1897 - After President Woodruff's son and Counselor Cannon's grandnephew are announced as new apostles, Apostle Brigham Young, Jr. writes: "I felt almost rebellious for a few minutes." Seventy's president J. Golden Kimball observes that "the brethren feel if they are not represented while living, they may not be after they are dead." Both Young and Kimball are sons of general authorities.

Oct 5, 1913 - Heber J. Grant preaches: "I seldom hear a hymn written by Sister Eliza R. Snow sung in any of our meetings, or sing one myself, that I do not thank God for the gift of tongues to that noble woman. She gave to me a blessing when I was a child, predicting incidents in my life, promising me that I should grow to manhood and become one of the leaders in the Church of Christ, Sister Zina D. Young giving the interpretation."

Oct 5, 1944 - George E. Wahlen receives Congressional Medal of Honor from U. S. president Harry S Truman for service as Navy corpsman on Iwo Jima. Severely wounded on three days during the same week while treating wounded Marines, 19-year-old Wahlen refuses to obey direct orders to leave the injured and seek medical treatment himself.

Oct 5, 1946 - First Counselor J. Reuben Clark's conference talk condemns United States for helping Britain kill 250,000 German civilians in two-day bombing of Dresden. "As the crowning savagery of the war we Americans wiped out hundreds of thousands" of Japanese civilians with two atomic bombs. "This fiendish butchery" by U.S. nulear weapons was "wholesale destruction of men, women, and children, and cripples." Still director of national pacifist organization, Clark continues to be focus of federal government's anti-subversive agencies bbecause of his public statements against U.S. participation in World War II, against providing military aid to anti-Communist forces in civil wars of various countries, and against U.S. participation in anti-Soviet North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Oct 5, 1963 - CHURCH NEWS reports that Bruce Behroog Farhangi, Iranian Muslim, has been baptized in Salt Lake City during past week.

Oct 5, 1979 - Apostle Gordon B. Hinckley, chair of Special Affairs Committee, instructs "all of Missouri and Illinois stake presidents and state[wide] ERA coordinators" about how to conduct LDS inti-ERA campaign, including: "Church building[s] may be used for ERA education."

Oct 5, 1991 - Newspaper reports that general authorities have ordered BYU administrators and local church leaders to discipline BYU professor for giving lecture at recent Sunstone Symposium. Persons are dropped from LDS positions and threatened with excommunication for questioning wisdom or necessity of official declaration against symposia.

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