August 30th

Aug 30, 1826 - The LYONS ADVERTISER, in Lyons N.Y., ten miles from Palmyra, prints: "All wonders heretofore said or sung, from the legends of the Arabian Nights, down to the marvels of Cotton Mather, are flat & tame in comparison with many of the tales in this AUTHENTIC account of the WONDERS OF NATURE AND PROVIDENCE It's fame has spread far and wide among us." ." Josiah Priest's book, "The Wonders of Nature and Providence," argues that the Indians are descended from Hebrews, contains a condensed version of Ethan Smith's "View of the Hebrews," and is one of the more widely circulated books of the Manchester rental library (just five miles from Joseph Smith's home) in 1827.

Aug 30, 1844 - William Clayton writes: "At the Temple all day. Talked with L[ydia] but she don't seem disposed to do what is councilled." The previous day Heber C. Kimball counseled Clayton "to take L[ydia Moon] for time." Lydia was a sister of two of Clayton's wives and Joseph Smith had proscribed marrying more than two women from the same family.

Aug 30, 1857 - Apostle John Taylor preaches that Mohammed "might have been a true one [prophet], for aught I know."

Aug 30, 1857 - With Johnston's army approaching Utah to install federally appointed territorial officials Heber C. Kimball preaches: "You ladies, too, will certainly have to do your part, or back out. I told you last Sunday to arm yourselves; and if you cannot do it any other way, sell some of your fine bonnets, fine dresses, and buy yourselves a good dirk, a pistol, or some other instrument of war. Arm your boys and arm yourselves universally, and that, too, with the weapons of war; for we may be brought to the test, to see if we will stand up to the line. . . . Can you live your religion, except you do as you are told? I have said, again and again, that if we live our religion, and do as we are. told, those men will never come over those mountains; for we shall slay the poor devils before they get there. I do not know of any religion, except doing as I am told . . . I have acknowledged myself as one of the people; and now I say, we will take our own name, and we will not be false-named any more. We are the Kingdom of God; we are STATE or DESERET; and we will have you, brother Brigham, as our Governor just so long as you live. We will not have any other Governor."

Aug 30, 1906 - At testimony meeting of general board of Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association invited guests Lillie T. Freeze and Maria Young Dougall speak in tongues and interpret. Sisters Freeze and Dougall are general board members in other auxiliaries and speak in tongues and interpret at such meetings until they die in 1937. By then glossolalia no longer occurs in LDS meetings, since all Mormons with this gift have died without successors. After 1930s LDS leaders redefine "gift of tongues" to be ability to learn unfamiliar language (such as Japanese), rather than spontaneous speaking of "unknown tongues" which correspond to no recognized language.

Aug 30, 1922 - Apostle and Salt Lake Temple President George F. Richards notes in his journal: "Brethren and sisters who have been set apart as regular temple workers may have access, while in the temple, to the books containing the ceremonies, but neither the books nor a transcript there from should be taken away from the Temple."

Aug 30, 1932 - B. H. Roberts, senior Seventy's president and assistant church historian, writes complaint about censorship. Heber J. Grant requires him to remove from forthcoming volume of HISTORY OF THE CHURCH the statement of Brigham Young that Seventies are ordained apostles. "I desire, however, to take this occasion of disclaiming any responsibility for the mutilating of that very important part of President Young's Manuscript," Roberts writes, "and also to say, that while you had the physical power or eliminating that passage from the History, I do not believe you had any moral right to do so."

Aug 30, 1939 - President Heber J. Grant writes to Kenneth Macgowen, associate producer of Twentiety-Century-Fox's film "Brigham Young:" "I hope we shall not appear to you to be over anxious, and we have no disposition to be oversensitive, but we are tremendously concerned that this picture shall be a true picture, and, while we are not, any of us, playwrights, or dramatists, or Movie technicians, we can appreciate the war which must constantly go on in one preparing a picture, between the highly dramatic and the sober fact." The LDS Church provided constant input to the making of the film.

Aug 30, 1944 - First Presidency authorizes stake president and bishops to join "AS INDIVIDUALS a civic organizaton whose purpose is to restrict and control negro settlement in his stake" (emphasis in original)

Aug 30, 1967 - First Presidency letter to "Presidents of Stakes and Bishops of Wards" "Occasionally young women come to the temple to receive their endowments or to do ordinance work for the dead WEARING SLACKS OR MINI-SKIRTS. We suggest that when interviewing sisters applying for temple recommends you kindly remind them of the sanctity of the temple and the propriety of being MODESTLY DRESSED when they enter the House of the Lord."

Aug 30, 1989 - LDS Brent Scowcroft, national security advisor to President George Bush, presents U.S. Presidential Citizens Award to Ezra Taft Benson.

Aug 30, 1996 - Announcement that Billings, Montana will be site of sixty-third functioning LDS temple. It is dedicated in 1999.

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