September 25th

Sept 25, 1824 - The body of Alvin Smith is exhumed from its grave to quell rumors that the body had been removed. Joseph Smith had said that the Angel Moroni instructed him to bring his brother Alvin to obtain the plates but Alvin had died before the Sept 22, 1824 date set by the angel. Four days later the Wayne Sentinal publishes a notice by Joseph Smith Sr. that, contrary to the rumors, the body had not been removed from the grave or disturbed.

Sept 25, 1861 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "In the evening Pres. Young discussed with his brother Joseph, the character of a few partly colored brethren The Pres[ident] remarked there are men who have had the dark Skin of Cain partly So, who may have the blood of Abraham in them enough to control themselves in righteousness, and fulfil the requirements of the Gospel as well as many other whites, Some of these partly dark brethren may be shifless, but there are many whites who are also shiftless. The Pres[ident] also spoke favorably of Isaac, a colored man who had worked for him for many years he also remarked he would confer any blessing to him he could, believing him to deserve it."

Sept 25, 1874 - DESERET NEWS editorial about "immortal seven" Mormons who are excused form grand jury in Beaver because they cannot conscientiously indict anyone for polygamy.

Sept 25, 1890 - Wilford Woodruff writes in his diary: "arived at a point in the History of my life as the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints whare I am under the necessity of acting for the Temporal Salvation of the Church. The United State Governmet has taken a Stand & passed Laws to destroy the Latter day Saints upon the Subjet of poligamy or Patriarchal order of Marriage. And after Praying to the Lord & feeling inspired by his spirit I have issued . . . [a] Proclamation which is sustained by my Councillors and the 12 Apostles." The Church had been disincorporated and all its property in excess of $50,000 confiscated by the federal government; more than a thousand men had been sentenced to prison for unlawful cohabitation. In February the Supreme Court had upheld the Idaho law which disfranchised anyone unwilling to take an oath denouncing plural marriage.

Sept 25, 1932 - NEW YORK TIMES reports that David Abbott ("Ab") Jenkins has set land-speed record during twenty-four hour period, one of many world records in his "Mormon Meteor" cars. He single-handedly turns Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats into national speedway.

Sept 25, 1984 - Second counselor Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates temple near Manila, the Philippines.

Sept 25, 1984 - Richard Miller, a twenty-year FBI counter-intelligence veteran, is called into his Los Angeles field office subjected to polygraph tests, fired, then arrested and charged with espionage. Miller is described by his stepfather-in-law as an "active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" who "served well" in a variety of positions, including Sunday School instructor and home teacher. However, LDS church headquarters confirms Miller was excommunicated previous summer for reasons unnamed. The national press reports Miller was engaged in a "sexual affair" with Soviet spy and KGB "major" Svetlana Ogordnikov. Miller had asked for $65,000 in cash and gold in exchange for classified information. twenty-one months later Miller, a BYU graduate and returned missionary, is convicted of expionage and bribery and is sentenced to two consecutive life terms. He is the only (former) FBI agent ever convicted of espionage. In 1989 his conviction is overturned when the admission of polygraph results is deemed an error. A third trial is held and Miller is convicted again and sentenced to 20 years. He is released in 1994 following a reduction of his sentence by a federal judge.

Sept 25, 1993 - CHURCH NEWS article "Jewish Congregations Note High Holy Days in LDS Meetinghouses," with explanation that this practice has continued for twenty years in Southern California because "many synagogues are unable to hold the large numbers wishing to attend Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services."

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