August 1st

Aug 1, 1842 - Apostle Parley P. Pratt publishes a rebuttal to John C. Bennett's claims that Joseph is secretly teaching polygamy: "But for the information of those who may be assailed by those foolish tales about the two wives [Bennett had written "that God had given a revelation that men might have two wives"], we would say that no such principle ever existed among the Latter-day Saints, and never will." Pratt's autobiography later states that Joseph Smith disclosed to him the revelation on celestial marriage in January 1840.

Aug 1, 1843 - Joseph Smith physically assaults the county tax assessor, for which he pleads guilty and pays a fine.

Aug 1, 1846 - A non-Mormon at Carthage, Illinois, writes: "The North west of this county is almost entirely depopulated[--]the men having fled, and left their wives, children and crops to the mercy of the marauding parties of Mormons continually infesting this portion of the county. Some 1000 acres of fine wheat is entirely unharvested."

Aug 1, 1847 - Heber C. Kimball addresses the pioneer saints on what is now Temple Square. It is "decided that the three companies form into one camp and labor together. . . . That we build houses instead of living [in] wagons this winter. That we go to work immediately putting up houses. That we work unitedly. That the houses form a stockade or fort to keep out the Indians, that our women and children be not abused, and that we let the Indians alone." With trees scarce in the valley "it was voted to put up a stockade of adobie houses."

Aug 1, 1852 - Brigham Young preaches: "I live above the law, and so do this people." He mentions questions about polygamy but does not deny its practice. He says "for argument's sake" that plural marriage was not illegal under the constitution of any state or the United States. Four weeks later Orson Pratt officially announces that Mormons practice plural marriage.

Aug 1, 1860 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "In the evening Pres. Young discoursed upon the folly of daring each other to rash acts."

Aug 1, 1862 - Brigham Young writes to a local bishop: "my advice is for bro james T.S. Allred to marry the Indian girl in question. It is written that 'not many generations shall pass away before they become a white and delightsome people.'" Dozens of men marry Native Americans as plural wives in pioneer Utah and Arizona.

Aug 1, 1869 - Joseph Smith's widow Emma writes to her son Joseph Smith III, "I do not like to have my children's feelings abused, but I do like that Brigham shows to all, both Saint and sinner that there is not the least particle of friendship existing between him and myself."

Aug 1, 1875 - George W. Hill baptizes more than 300 Shoshone Indians in Box Elder County, Utah, and performs priesthood administrations which heal many of them. First Presidency establishes Washakie Farm for Indian converts in Box Elder County. Two years later one of Brigham Young's sons writes of these Native American converts: "They practiced polygamy [before LDS baptism] & of course continue it."

Aug 1, 1902 - First Presidency Letter: "Brethren recommended to the temple for second anointings should be men of experience whose integrity to the work of the Lord is beyond question, and who are known for their continued faithfulness, as it would be very unfortunate thing indeed for a man to receive the higher blessings and aftewards apostatize. The question of age would naturally be a consideration in recommending for the higher ordinances, but it is not to be understood for a moment that you should wait until brethren become old before recommending them to receive these blessings. The chief qualifications are worthiness, fitness and unshaken integrity, and these should be combined in man thus recommended whether they occupy presiding positions or not: but as a matter of course the brethren occupying presiding positions, such as those of the stake presidency, high counsilor president of the high priest's quorum, patriarch and bishop are suppose to be in possession of these qualifications."

Aug 1, 1906 - "Fast meeting in 1st Ward. . . .Sister Jarrett speaks in tongues and prophesies." DER STERN reports Joseph F. Smith's statement to conference at Bern, Switzerland: "The time will come when this land [Europe] will be dotted with temples . . ."

Aug 1, 1963 - First Presidency statement that Latter-day Saints should not dance with "grotesque contortions of the body such as shoulder and hip shaking or excessive body jerking." As result Mormon youth generally cease dancing the popular "Twist" at LDS dances throughout the world, an adherence that had not uniformly followed the first announced ban two years earlier by youth auxiliaries.
RLDS First Presidency statement published in SAINT'S HERALD entitled, "Our Position on Race and Color:" "The internal racial problems in our church have been very minor. Integration has been such a natural process that there would be no need to discuss it in these columns were it not for the national attention that has resulted from the tense integration question. We have Negroes in our branches, in our priesthood, and in our church college. Our integration preceded any social pressures or Supreme Court decisions. It would be difficult to say how many of our Negroes now hold priesthood. No systematic records have been kept based on race or color. We have felt no reason for such accounting." The RLDS church allowed Blacks to have the priesthood in the 1800's

Aug 1, 1981 - Vandal attacks "Christus" statue in Visitor's Center on Salt Lake Temple Square and breaks off its fingers. On Dec. 16, 1982 same mentally-ill vandal breaks off its arms.

Aug 1, 1989 - Kingdom of Jordan grants legal status to LDS church by registering LDS "Center for Cultural and Educational Affairs."

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