September 29th

Sept 29, 1844 - Brigham Young vacates the First Quorum of the Seventy by ordaining it's 63 members as presidents of local quorums. This removes a quorum specified in the 1835 revelation as "equal in authority" with the Twelve."

Sept 29, 1857 - John D. Lee reports Mountain Meadows Massacre to Brigham Young and claims that Indians "cut the throats of their women & children." That is not Indian practice but is consistent with Mormon beliefs about blood atonement. Concerning women and children Brigham Young says it is "heart rending." Lee says that he "did not think there was a drop of innocent Blood in their Camp for he had [two] of the Children in his house & he could not get but one to kneel down in prayer time & the other would laugh at her for doing it & they swore like pirates." Decades later one participant acknowledges that Mormon men slit throats of women and children.

Sep 29, 1914 - Quorum of Twelve learns that mission president has "discovered that 15% of the [missionary] Elders in the Netherlands during the past two years, have been guilty of immoral practices, and that a much greater percentage of Elders have been exposed to these evils."

Sept 29, 1967 - Establishment of new position of Regional Representative to the Twelve. At their first training seminar, Apostle Harold B. Lee (rather than member of First Presidency) gives confidential "State of the Church" address, which he continues to do annually.

Sept 29, 1978 - First Presidency allows women to pray in sacrament meetings again.

Sept 29, 1979 - Publication of first LDS edition of King James Bible.

Sept 29, 1983 - LOGAN HERALD JOURNAL reports Cache County administrative assistant Keith Nelson had been printing LDS ward material in the men's room of the county Hall of Justice. As a result the practice is stopped. However, the Logan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union accuses the Cache county commission of violating First Amendment rights by failure to separate church and state.

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