August 26th

Aug 26, 1838 - Sally Parker, former neighbor of the Joseph Smith family in New York writes: "I lived by his [Hyrum Smith's] Mother and and [she] wass wone [one] of the finest of wimen[.] always helping them that stood in need[.] she told me the [w]hole story[.] the plates wass in the house and some times in the woods for eight months2 and on account of peopel trying to get them[.] they had to hide them[.] wonce [once] they hid them under the hearth[.] they took up the brick and put them in and put the bricks back[.]3 the old lady told me this hur self with tears in hur eyes, and they ran down bur cheeks too[.] she put hut hand upon hut stomack and said she [ha]s the peace of god that rested upon us all that time[.] she said it wass a heaven below[.] I axter [asked her] if she saw the plates[.] she said no it wass not for hut to see them but she hefted and handled them4 and I believed all she said for I lived by hut eight months and she wass wone of the best ofwimen"

Aug 26, 1844 - The apostles privately excommunicate James Strang, a repetition of the Michigan branch's action. He is publicly excommunicated again in the Nauvoo temple Feb. 1, 1846.

Aug. 26 1856 - Brigham Young's office journal records: ". . . Bro[ther] Brown lately arrived from Kanesville left a Bottle of Wine of his own make made from the juice of the grape as a present for President Young . . ."

Aug 26, 1883 - Apostle Heber J. Grant notes in his diary that yesterday a mob lynches "the nigger" who kills LDS bishop and policemen Andrew Bury. On May 14, 1885 jury finds police officer not guilty for his part in "assaulting the negro." However, Grant's political newspaper generally uses respectful terms when referring to African-Americans.

Aug 26, 1894 - "First time a woman has spoken in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on the Sabbath at the regular service- the people don't know what to make of it-it must bode good for women." The speaker is a non-Mormon.

Aug 26, 1896 - Apostle Moses Thatcher begins treatment with Keeley Institute for his addiction to opium and morphine. First Presidency and apostles tolerated Thatcher as a "morphine fiend" and "opium eater", but on 26 July his family and friends considered involuntary commitment to treatment. His is most prominent drug addict in Mormon history. Twelve drop Thatcher from quorum membership on 19 Nov because of four year conflict over his insubordination in political matters, but Thatcher's drug addiction aggravates that conflict.

Aug 26, 1923 - Heber J. Grant dedicates temple in Cardston, Alberta, Canada.

Aug 26, 1940 - VARIETY reports on the Salt Lake City Premiere of the motion picture BRIGHAM YOUNG: "Huge 'Brigham' Preem Enthuses Zanuck Party"

Aug 26, 1953 - David O. Mckay informs Utah's Congressional delegation that he does not want them to help European Mormons to immigrate to United States. Instead church president says they should remain and build church in their countries. Unlike earlier statements McKay strengthens this appeal by building European temples, primary motive for moving to Utah.

Aug 26, 1971 - During church's first area conference in Manchester, England, there is formal meeting of joint council of First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles. This is first such council meeting outside United States in Mormon history.

Aug 26, 1972 - CHURCH NEWS article about Mrs. Viola Clawson's recent retirement as supervisor of all-male guides on Salt Lake Temple Square since 1942. She had total discretion in their appointment, assigned days/hours, and release.

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