March 28th

Mar 28, 1835 - Joseph Smith announces a revelation on priesthood which includes statements that the First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles, First Quorum of Seventy, and central high council are all "equal in authority." The revelation authorized the Twelve to ordain patriarchs in "large branches," but not stakes where only the First Presidency ordained patriarchs until October 1844.The "Twelve met in council and had a time of general confession. On reviewing our past course we are satisfied and feel to confess also that we have not realized the importance of our calling to that degree that we ought. We have been light minded and vain and in many things done WRONG, WRONG. For all these things we have asked forgiveness of our Heavenly Father, and wherein we have grieved or wounded the feelings of the Presidency we ask their forgiveness."

Mar 28, 1840 - Apostle Wilford Woodruff dreams "of being with several others in a small Boat in a storm on the River. We had to paddle ashore with our hands having no paddles. There was a serpent cralled into the Boat & I flung him out with my hands & reached the shore in safety."

Mar 28, 1843 - The "Young Gentlemens and Ladies Relief Society" is organized in Nauvoo. This is the first effort to establish an auxiliary for Mormon youth, but it apparently does not last a year. A church-wide youth program would not develop for twenty-six years. Also on this day, "Josiah Butterfield [of the First Council of Seventy] came to my house and insulted me so outrageously that I kicked him out of the house, across the yard, and into the street." Butterfield was step-father of young Maria and Sarah Lawrence for whom Smith was legal guardian. Smith would formally marry the Lawrence sisters in the fall.

Mar 28, 1849 - At organization of Utah's Nauvoo Legion, Hosea Stout notes: "John Pack & John D. Lee were each put in nomination for Majors by regular authority & both most contemptuously hissed down. When any person is thus duly nominated I never before knew the people to reject it [--] But on this occasion it appears that they are both a perfect stink in every body's nose."

Mar 28, 1851 - General Assembly of State of Deseret dissolves itself to accept jurisdiction of Territory of Utah. In most elections from 1851 to 1869, 99 percent of Utah's voters choose church-approved candidates. Ballots are marked to show how persons vote.

Mar 28, 1862 - Brigham Young "conversed about the course Jefferson Davis had taken in conducting warfare with the Federal Government, he remarked that if Jefferson Davis had adopted the Guerrilla mode of fighting he would have been more successful."

Mar 28, 1886 - Abraham H. Cannon, Seventy's president and son of First Presidency counselor, writes: "Bro. Olsen brought word this evening that President Taylor had received a revelation from the Lord in which it stated that God was satisfied with the sacrifice made by the people in this [anti-polygamy] crusade and that He would now turn their wrath aside. This word, he said, came from Bishop Allen of the 21st Ward, and if, true, we as a people can rejoice at it." This indicates curious situation in which general authorities learn about Taylor's revelations from rank-and-file Mormons while Taylor, President of the Church, is in hiding from government authorities.

Mar 28, 1887 - Wilford Woodruff, President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles writes to Apostle Heber J. Grant "in answer to his question 'do you know of any reason in Case of the death of the President of the Church why the Twelve Apostles should not Choose some other Person besides the Preside[n]t of the Twelve to be the Preside[n]t of the Church?'" Woodruff "answered him that I have several vary strong reasons why they should not." Four months later the church president, John Taylor, dies. It takes almost two years after Taylor's death for a new first presidency to be formed. In 1918 Heber J. Grant cites this same letter to assure his own uninterrupted ascendancy to the Presidency of the Church which had been challenged by Church Patriarch Hyrum G. Smith.

Mar 28, 1894 - President Wilford Woodruff relates, "In searching out my genealogy I found about four hundred of my female kindred who were never married. I asked Pres. Young what I should do with them. He said for me to have them sealed to me unless there were more than 999 of them. The doctrine startled me, but I had it done."

Mar 28, 1896 - U.S. President Grover Cleveland signs act to return confiscated real estate of LDS church.

Mar 28, 1907 - The First Presidency and Twelve meet in the Salt Lake Temple. They decide "to buy the old Home of the Smiths at Palmyra and also the Hill Cumorah, New York State."Apostle John Henry Smith notes in his diary: "I had a short ride in an Auto."

Mar 28, 1911 - Quorum of Twelve Apostles excommunicates John W. Taylor for marrying plural wife in 1909 and for justifying it by 1886 revelation. His is last excommunication of general authority appointed in nineteenth century and first excommunication of general authority with service in twentieth century.

Mar 28, 1929 - First Presidency and Twelve decide to disband private prayer circle organizations which meet weekly or monthly in temples. Until 1978 local stakes continue to have prayer circle meetings in temples or in special rooms of stake meeting houses.

Mar 28, 1971 - Keene Curtis receives "Tony" award from League of American Theatres and Producers as best supporting actor in Broadway musical "The Rothschilds."

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