August 27th

Aug 27, 1804 - Solomon Mack buys 100 acres of land in Sharon, Vermont. He rents part of this land to his son-in-law Joseph Smith Sr. Sixteen months later Joseph Smith is born on this property. Lucy Mack Smith later records "went to Sharon and hired a farm of my father which My husband cultivated in the summer season and in the winter he taught school."

Aug 27, 1842 - LDS newspaper THE WASP denounces "John C. Bennett, the pimp and file leader of such mean harlots as Martha H. Brotherton and her predecessors from old Jezebel." Brotherton had gone public about being approached regarding polygamy. This is part of a pattern, extending to Nancy Rigdon and Sarah Pratt, to attack the moral character of women who have publicly told of being approached regarding the still-secret practice of polygamy.

Aug 27, 1843 - During a sermon Joseph Smith refers to the succession promise to his son Joseph III.

Aug 27, 1843 - Apostle Orson Pratt identifies the Book of Mormon as "a History of nearly one half of the globe & the people that inhabited it, that it gave a history of all those cities that have been of late discovered by Catherwood and Stephens [explorers of remains of early American civilizations]."

Aug 27, 1844 - A private council meeting votes to sustain Brigham Young's resolution to fulfill all of Joseph Smith's Nauvoo innovations.

Aug 27, 1844 - William Clayton's six-month-old son by his secret plural wife, Margaret, dies. Clayton writes: "Thus has ended the earthly career of an innocent sufferer who has known no comfort in this life but has suffered since his birth to his death. The tongue of slander has swung freely against him."

Aug 27, 1845 - NAUVOO NEIGHBOR reports: "On Saturday last a large number of persons partook of a feast of melons, round a table 87 feet long, in the attic story of the Temple."

Aug 27, 1847 - In England Henry Jacobs's missionary companion, Oliver B. Huntington receives a letter informing the two missionaries that Huntington's sister "Zina [Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young, Jacobs's legal wife, plural widow of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young's plural wife] had gone to Salt Lake City to live with President Young's family". Oliver dashes off a letter to Zina, complaining that "Henry is here and herd the letter. He says all is right, he don't care. He stands alone as yet. I have had almost as much trial about you as he has. I have had to hear, feel and suffer everything he has--If you only knew my troubles you'd pitty me."

Aug 27, 1871 - Brigham Young preaches: "Now, I wish to make this request: that the Elders who return from missions consider themselves just as much on a mission here as in England or in any other part of the world. There is no people need preaching to more than those who live in this Territory and in these mountains. The Latter-day Saints, or those who profess to be, need talking to just as much as a child who begins to prattle and run around the house. It gets into mischief continually and its mother has to keep talking to it to keep it from meddling with things that it should not. It does not know how to guide itself, and wants guiding and correcting all the time; but not more than the Latter-day Saints who gather together."

Aug 27, 1871 - Brigham Young preaches: "I will turn again to the Latter-day Saints and to the world, and will say I would to God that the Latter-day Saints would take the word of Brigham Young to be law! I will defy the inhabitants of the whole earth to tell one word that he ever counseled that was wrong; or to point out a path that he ever advised man or woman to walk in but would lead to light, life, glory, immortality, and to all that is good or desirable by the intelligence that dwells upon the earth. What do you say, is that boasting? If any person has a mind to call it boasting, do so."

Aug 27, 1884 - U.S. President Cleveland issues amnesty for previous violations of anti-polygamy laws and restores civil rights to disenfranchised polygamists.

Aug 27, 1889 - DESERET NEWS describes as "Organized Tyranny" a labor strike at construction site of Zion's Savings Bank. "We feel ashamed to know that many of these men who have combined [in] this improper manner are 'Mormons,'" NEWS observes. "On general principles we are opposed to 'strikes,' because they usually result in much more harm than good to all parties affected and are often started on incorrect principles."

Aug 27, 1954 - With specific reference to U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision of BROWN vs. BOARD OF EDUCATION which declared segregation unconstitutional, Apostle Mark E. Petersen instructs all LDS "college level" religion teachers: "I would be willing to let every Negro drive a Cadillac if they could afford it. I would be willing that they have all the advantages they can get out of life in the world. But let them enjoy these things among themselves. I think the Lord segregated the Negro and who is man to change that segregation?" After stating that marriage with African-American is impossible for faithful caucasian Mormons, Apostle Petersen extends his opposition to racial intermarriage by affirming that it is God's will that "the Hawaiians should marry Hawaiians, the Japanese ought to marry the Japanese, and the Chinese ought to marry Chinese, and the Caucasians should marry Caucasians."

Aug 27, 1967 - LOS ANGELES TIMES article "Race Discrimination Becoming Hot Issue in Mormon Church."

Aug 27, 1985. Apostle Russell M. Nelson, speaking at Brigham Young University, says, "Some truths are best left unsaid. . . . Extortion by threat of disclosing truth is labelled 'blackmail.' Is sordid disclosure for personal attention or financial gain not closely related?"

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