May 15th

May 15, 1829 - John the Baptist appears to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and confers the Aaronic Priesthood on them. They then baptize each other.

May 15, 1843 - "On the 15th of May . . . the Prophet [Joseph Smith] again Came and at my hosue [house] ocupied the Same Room & Bed with my Sister that the month previous he had ocupied with the Daughter of the Later Bishop Partridge as his wife." (Benjamin F. Johnson)

May 15, 1844 - The church's two newspapers, TIMES AND SEASONS and NAUVOO NEIGHBOR, publish this statement by Joseph Smith about Robert D. Foster: "When riding in the stage, I have seen him put his hand in a woman's bosom, and he also lifted up her [under] clothes." This is in reference to one of many trips undertaken with Foster from 1840 to 1843 with whom Smith maintained good fellowship until Foster joined William Law's dissension in March 1844.

May 15, 1844 - Josiah Quincy interviews Joseph Smith in Nauvoo. As a "Boston Brahmin" and soon-to-be mayor of Boston, Quincy is the first prominent American leader to request a meeting with and LDS president. In his 1883 FIGURES OF THE PAST Quincy writes: "What historical American of the nineteenth century has exerted the most powerful influence upon the destinies of his countrymen? and it is by no means improbable that the answer to that interrogatory may be thus written: 'Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet.'" Joseph Smith shows Quincy the Egyptian Papyrus and says, "That is the handwriting of Abraham, the father of the Faithful. This is the autograph of Moses, and these lines were written by his brother Aaron. Here we have the earliest account of the creation from which Moses composed the First Book of Genesis" When questioned about an illustration on the papyrus of a snake having legs Joseph replies, "Before the Fall snakes always went about on legs, just like chickens. They were deprived of them, in punishment for their agency in the ruin of man." After showing the mummies and papyri Joseph tells Quincy and his traveling companion, "Gentlemen, those who see these curiosities generally pay my mother a quarter of a dollar"

May 15, 1864 - Brigham Young preaches, "I do not want 'Mormonism' to become popular; I would not, if I could, make it as popular as the Roman Catholic Church is in Italy, or as the Church of England is in England, because the wicked and ungodly would crowd into it in their sins. There are enough of such characters in it now."

May 15, 1878 - John Taylor preaches; "These 'damned Gentiles,' as you are sometimes pleased to call them, are the children of our Heavenly Father."

May 15, 1917 - Closing date to enter the Presiding Bishopric's contest: "With a view of stimulating the production of foodstuffs which may be badly needed in these war times,.the Trustee-in-Trust offers to any ward quorum of the priesthood, or any ward Relief Society, Young Men's or Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association, Sunday School, Primary Association or Religion Class, for the best yield from one acre of potatoes, $1,000; for the second best, $500; third best, $250; and for the best yield from five acres of spring wheat, $1,000; for second best, $500; third best, $250."

May 15, 1975 - U.S. Soldier Ralph Cocroft is killed in Okinawa. Paul H. Dunn later admits that his buddy Harold Lester Brown didn't die in his arms on Okinawa as he said (Brown lived a long life after the war) but that Dunn took "Harold Brown's relationship and combine it with Ralph Cocroft's dying." Cocroft, however, neither lived on, wounded, through the night nor died in Dunn's arms as the story was told concerning Brown.

May 15, 1988 - First African Stake where all priesthood leaders are black Africans, at Aba, Nigeria.

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