May 22nd

May 22, 1837 - In a trial before the Kirtland High Council concerning unfulfilled contracts the Council decides: "After a long investigation by the Councilors and parties, the Presidency. W. W. Phelps and John Whitmer, [it was decided] that both accuser and accused should be disfellowshiped, if they did not settle their difficulties."

May 22, 1843 - Emma Smith finds her husband Joseph Smith and 22-year-old Eliza Partridge secluded in an upstairs bedroom at the Smith home. Emma is devastated.

May 22, 1846 - Patriarch "Uncle" John Smith writes: "For the first time since we left Nauvoo I blessed 3 persons & received one dollar. This same day I paid out my last half dollar." Four days later he notes, "Gave four blessings and one gratis."

May 22, 1847 - William Clayton writes during the pioneer trek west: "The evening was spent very joyfully by most of the brethren, it being very pleasant and moonlight. A number danced till the bugle sounded for bed time at 9 o'clock. A mock trial was also prosecuted in the case of the camp vs. James Davenport for blockading the highway and turning ladies out of their course. Jackson Redding acted as the presiding judge. Elder Whipple attorney for defendant and Luke Johnson attorney for the people. We have many such trials in the Camp which are amusing enough and tend among other things to pass away the time cheerfully during leisure moments"

May 22, 1862 - Wilford Woodruff writes: "President Young again took up the Deseret Alphabet and Conversed upon that subject. He spoke of what he had done to introduce that subject to this people. He had sent East, and got a font of the best deserett type made that Could be got and Still the regency and superintendent of Common Schools, the Teachers nor people none of them have faith Enough to introduce the Deserett Alphabet into the schools. I will not give my Consent or furnish any type to publish that Book or any other for Children with the Errors now Exhisting in the English arthography. By doing this we teach our Children fals principles which they have to wallow through all there lives. If I Cannot present to my Children true principles in there language I do not want to present any thing to them. Neither will I use my priesthood to force it upon the people. If the people will not assist me to introduce it for the benefit of the rising generation they may go without it. But we Can buy those gentile school books for Children much Cheaper than we Can make them Here, and I dont wish to have any of that Class of Books made here."

May 22, 1888 - In absence of a First Presidency Wilford Woodruff answers some doctrinal questions in a letter to Bishop S. A. Woolley: "You ask whether a person who has once been married in the Endowment House or Temple, and is left a widow or a widower, com mit adultery by marrying again when the ceremony is performed by a justice of the peace or civil officer. There is a manifest impropriety, which every Latter-day Saint who has had his or her endowments should perceive, in such a person going to a civil officer to have a ceremony of marriage performed. The fact that such a person does so is an evidence that he or she is falling away, because if in good standing a recommendation could be obtained for the Temple, where the ceremony could be performed according to the order which God has instituted. But a person marrying under such circumstances does not commit adultery. You ask some other questions concerning how many living wives a man must have to fulfil the law. When a man, according to the revelation, marries a wife under the holy order which God has revealed and then marries another in the same way, he enters into the new and everlasting covenant, and so far as he has gone he has obeyed the law. I know of no requirement which makes it necessary for a man to have three living wives at a time."

May 22, 1894 - Apostle Abraham H. Cannon writes: "The Elsinore choir furnished the singing, and during the services yesterday they sang a piece to the words, "O My Father," which Bro. Durrans of Parowan received in a dream. He dreamed that he saw a Navajo blanket floating down a river, and as he watched it, he suddenly saw several Indians appear on it. They came to the shore where he stood, and one of them placed an instrument to his mouth something like a clarionet, on which he played the tune which was rendered, with the exception of one high note which he could not reach. Bro. Durrans arose and wrote out the piece. Some time thereafter a birthday party was given at his house when one of the brethren spoke in tongues. In the course of his remarks he said that this tune was the one used by the ancient Nephites, just before the last remnant was slain at the hill Cumorah about the year 421 A.D. It was a kind of lamentation."

May 22, 1908 - Letter from the First Presidency to president of Logan temple: "A rule of the temple forbids deceased women who were not members of the Church prior to their demise, or who did not gather with the body of the Church, being anointed to men, therefore, we could not endorse the recommends of the sisters referred to. We write this for your information: also to say that it is not becoming in brethren to suggest that second blessings be given to anybody, living or dead, unless they are delegated by the President of the Church to act in this capacity, and it would be well therefore for you to so inform your Temple workers."

May 22, 1925 - DESERET NEWS editorializes in favor of new Utah law which legalizes horse racing and pari-mutual betting. Legislature has appointed Brigham F. Grant as chair of Racing Commission. He is manager of DESERET NEWS and brother of church president.

May 22, 1968 - The First Presidency writes: "TO ALL TEMPLE PRESIDENTS - Personal and Confidential - Dear Brethren: It has come to our attention that in some of the temples instruction has been given to those going through to receive their endowments prior to entering into the marriage covenant that they must not remove the temple garment during the time of sexual relations. We have authorized no such instruction or advice. We feel that this is a matter of such intimate nature that it must be left with the persons concerned. We therefore ask that you govern yourselves accordingly."

May 22, 1975 - Association of Catholic Communications gives "Gabriel" award to LDS church for "Homefront" public-service advertising which soon receives this award almost yearly.

May 22, 1983 - The PROVO DAILY HERALD reports of fourteen Mormon writers in four states who "had been questioned" by local ecclesiastical leaders. All had contributed to Dialogue, Sunstone, or the Seventh East Press. Roy Doxey, former BYU dean of religious education, says that Apostle Mark E. Petersen "ordered the investigations."

May 22, 1992 - First Presidency statement that King James Version of Bible is only English language Bible to be used in LDS church meetings. This codifies position maintained for decades by former First Presidency counselor J. Reuben Clark.

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