October 4th

Oct 4, 1851 - Brigham Young signs a law legalizing all laws passed previously by State of Deseret. He adjourns poorly attended meeting of the Council of Fifty and does not reconvene it for 15 years. He also signs a legislative act designating that Millard County be formed and that Fillmore City be the "seat of Government of the Territory." This is an attempt to curry favor with U.S. President Millard Fillmore as part of the quest to secure statehood for Utah.

Oct 4, 1857 – Apostle Erastus Snow preaches, “Do you uphold your husband before God as your lord? ‘What! —my husband to be my lord?’ I ask, Can you get into the celestial kingdom without him? Have any of you been there? You will remember that you never got into the celestial kingdom without the aid of your husband. If you did, it was because your husband was away, and some one had to act proxy for him. No woman will get into the celestial kingdom, except her husband receives her, if she is worthy to have a husband; and if not, somebody will receive her as a servant.”

Oct 4, 1857 - Daniel Wells, adjutant general of the militia and a counselor to Brigham Young, issues the following statement to Joseph Taylor: "On ascertaining the locality or route of the troops, proceed at once to annoy them in every possible way. Use every exertion to stampede their animals and set fire to their trains. Burn the whole country before them and on their flanks. Keep them from sleeping by night surprises . . . God bless you and give you success." A few days later, army soldier Eugene Banal reports, "On the east side of Green River we found ironworks of 25 burned wagons--chains, axles, and other wagon parts--covering the trail, on the west side of the Green River, the remains of fifty more wagons."

Oct 4, 1860 - Brigham Young's financial report informs general conference that from 1857 to this date, church spent total of $70,204 in excess of what has been received in money and Tithing." This is first financial report to acknowledge church's deficit spending.

Oct 4, 1879 - 3rd District Court decrees that $999,632.90.of Brigham Young's estate actually belongs to the LDS Church.

Oct 4, 1883 - President John Taylor tells some apostles about arrangements with George Q. Cannon and John Beck in Bullion, Beck and Champion Mining Co. Also presents to them his revelation of April 28, 1883 which refers to this financial arrangement.

Oct 4, 1890 - Less than two weeks after the issuing of the Manifesto Byron H. Allred accompanied by a young woman, visits Wilford Woodruff's office to ask permission to marry polygamously. President Woodruff patiently explains the reasons he had issued the Manifesto and then tells Allred to move as soon as possible with his intended plural wife to Mexico where Alexander F. Macdonald would perform the ceremony.

Oct 4, 1894 - Apostle Heber J. Grant writes in his journal: "[Apostle] John Henry Smith . . . Referring to the schemes which the First Presidency put on foot from time to time, he had felt that they should get the approval of at least seven of the Apostles before making any more of importance . . ."

Oct 4, 1896 - President Wilford Woodruff preaches in general conference: "The God of heaven knows what it will cost them for shedding the blood of the Prophet of God and his brother, and the Apostles and brethren who laid down their lives for the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ. It costs something to shed righteous blood. And the Gentiles have not got eighteen hundred years before them in which to pay the debt. The words of the Lord have got to be fulfilled upon them in the day and generation in which these holy men have been slain."

Oct 4, 1898 - Heber J. Grant writes of a Quorum meeting of the Twelve: "There are men among us who would go in direct opposition to what the wishes of the Presidency were politically if they should learn their wishes, and yet these men claim to be in fellowship in the Church. I feel that such men are sure to lose the faith unless they repent and change their course of action. [Apostle] Marriner W. Merrill Expressed himself freely on political matters and said that while it might not be a wise thing to publicly say it yet, in his opinion it was the right of the Presidency of the Church to express their opinions on all matters, political as well as religious and what he wanted to know is what the Presidency desire and then he wanted to do it, and was only too willing to lay aside his own feelings if they were not in harmony with the feelings of the apostles."

Oct 4, 1900 - At temple meeting of First Presidency and apostles: "The subject of round-dancing [waltzing] was discussed and it was decided not to put it down when young people wanted it. The desire is to furning amusements to the young and not force them to go elsewhere to find them"

Oct 4, 1961 - First meeting of All-Church Coordinating Council, the Correlation Program's administrative organization for restructuring "almost every program and organization in the Church," according to Harold B. Lee's biographer. This council continues at LDS headquarters as of 1996.

Oct 4, 1963 - Thomas S. Monson is sustained to Quorum of the Twelve at age thirty-six, youngest man ordained apostle since Joseph Fielding Smith at age thirty-three in 1910. Monson is first World War II veteran to servea s apostle and also first general authority with a Master of Business Administration. As of 1996 Other general authorities with MBA or other graduate degree in business are Robert D. Hales (appointed in 1975), Gene R. Cook (1975), John H. Groberg (1976), Ronald E. Poelman (1978), Henry B. Eyring (1985), Glen L. Pace (1985), Helio R. Camargo (1985), Monte J. Brough (1988), Albert Choules, Jr. (1988), Joseph C. Muren (1991), Stephen D. Nadauld (1991), Dallas N. Archibald (1992), John E. Fowler (1992), V. Dallas Merrel (1992), H. David Burton (1992), Richard C. Edgley (1992), Neil L. Andersen (1993), Dieter F. Uchtdorf (1994).

Oct 4, 1980 - CHURCH NEWS article: "Ex-Felon Leads Full Life."

Oct 4, 1986 - At priesthood session of General Conference, President Ezra Taft Benson announces that "the seventies quorums in the stakes of the Church are to be discontinued." Soon church's only Seventies (at one time the largest body of priesthood in the church) are general authorities who have been ordained High Priests.

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