August 13th

Aug 13, 1843 - Joseph Smith accuses Sidney Rigdon of conspiring with John C. Bennett and other anti-Mormons, and a Church conference temporarily disfellowshipps him.

Aug 13, 1844 - Apostle Orson Hyde arrives in Nauvoo. However he later gives elaborate personal reminiscences of a "transfiguration" he could not possibly have witnessed. Hyde reports, in 1869 that when Brigham Young began to speak to the Saints on August 8, 1844, "his words went through me like electricity." This is my testimony, Hyde added for special emphasis, "it was not only the voice of Joseph Smith but there were the features, the gestures and even the stature of Joseph before us in the person of Brigham." In 1877 Hyde declares in general conference, "I heard the voice of Joseph through him, and it was as familiar to me as the voice of my wife, the voice of my child, or the voice of my father. And not only the voice of Joseph did I distinctly and unmistakably hear, but I saw the very gestures of his person, the very features of his countenance, and if I mistake not, the very size of his person appeared on the stand. And it went through me with the thrill of conviction that Brigham was the man to lead this people."

Aug 13 1862 - DESERET NEWS editorializes: "The number of votes cast at the annual election in this county, was unusually small--but little interest having been taken in that matter." Apathy of Mormon voters continues until LDS church disbands its political party in 1981.

Aug 13, 1892 - Joseph F. Smith counsels the Saints to refrain entirely from round dances (waltzes).

Aug 13, 1940 - Heber J. Grant views Hollywood's BRIGHAM YOUNG. His reaction: "My eyes were full of tears of gratitude for the fine picture." Dean Jagger, in title role, joins LDS church in 1972.

Aug 13, 1978 - BOISE IDAHO STATESMAN article: "BYU Clarifies Dress Code to Allow Women to Wear 'Female-Cut' jeans."

Aug 13, 1992 - The First Presidency issues a statement in response to "extensive publicity recently given to false accusations of so-called secret Church committees and files." The statement cites Doctrine and Covenants 123:1-5, which enjoins "the propriety of all the saints gathering up . . . the names of all persons that have had a hand in their oppressions" during the Missouri period and then continues: "In order to assist their members who have questions, these local leaders often request information from General Authorities. . . . The Strengthening Church Members committee was appointed by the First Presidency to help fulfill this need and to comply with the cited section of the Doctrine and Covenants. This committee serves as a resource to priesthood leaders throughout the world who may desire assistance on a wide variety of topics. It is a General Authority committee, currently comprised of Elder James E. Faust and Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. They work through established priesthood channels, and neither impose nor direct Church disciplinary action." The statement counsels members with "questions concerning Church doctrine, policies, or procedures" to "discuss those concerns confidentially with their local leaders."

Aug 13, 2004 - At a Sunstone Symposium one of the speakers with the subject "Why We Stay" is Edward L. Kimball, son and biographer of Spencer W. Kimball. The talks are by people who have problems with the Church but decide to stay active anyway.

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