August 2nd

Aug 2, 1842 - Illinois governor Thomas Carlin, signs an order for Joseph Smith's arrest and delivery to Missouri officials to answer charges in the case of the attempted assassination of Missouri Governor Boggs.

Aug 2, 1847 - Orson Pratt begins to survey what will become Salt Lake City determining the altitude, latitude and longitude and laying out lots. L. B. Myers makes a preliminary exploration of Utah Valley.

Aug 2, 1857 - First counselor Heber C. Kimball prophesies that U.S. president James Buchanan "will die an untimely death." He dies at age 77 in 1868 same year Kimball dies at age 67.
Brigham Young preaches, "There are probably but few men in the world who care about the private society of women less than I do."

Aug 2, 1849 -At a special conference in the Bowery on Temple Square, Hosea Stout and two companions are called to go to China. They arrived in Hong Kong in April 1853. They become ill from the oppressive heat and the unusual food. Their message falls on deaf ears. There is no response other than ridicule. In four months they return home.

Aug 2, 1855 - Hosea Stout records in his diary that he went to Davis County in order to persuade the people to withdraw the name of a popular bishop, Anson Call, for nomination for the impending election to the Legislature and place John D. Parker in his stead. The change was apparently made without much protest. But what Stout does not mention, and what the people of Davis County apparently did not know, was the reason the change was implemented--that Parker belonged to the Council of Fifty while Call did not.

Aug 2 1859 - Seventy-three-year-old Elizabeth Watson wanders away from a handcart company and is not found despite day-long search. The camp moves on without her, only to be amazed on August 15 when she meets them at a trading post west of Independence Rock.

Aug 2, 1876 - DESERET NEWS publishes directory of "PRESIDING ELDERS AND BISHOPS of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." This is list of twenty-one regional bishops. Cache Valley's "presiding bishop" presides over twenty-four wards, while Iron County's presiding bishop is responsible for two wards.

Aug 2, 1883 - At reconvened School of the Prophets, President John Taylor and several apostles state their preference for conferring only Aaronic priesthood part of endowment ceremony on newly endowed adults. No decision.

Aug 2, 1892 - First polygamous marriage prformed in LDS Canadian settlement by its president Charles. O. Card, who performs this marriage by instructions of First Presidency. To end of 1905 only fifteen more post-Manifesto plural marriages occur in Canada (by Card and his successor as polygamy officiator), compared with hundreds performed in Mexico and United States.

Aug 2, 1967 - C. Wade Bell wins gold medal (800 meter run) at Pan American Games, also Michael M. Young (gold, wrestling) and Keith Russell (silver, diving).

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