May 3rd

May 3, 1834 - At Kirtland "the Conference proceeded to discuss the subject of names and appellations when a motion was made by Sidney Rigdon, and seconded by Newel K. Whitney, that this church be known hereafter by the name of THE CHURCH OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS. Appropriate remarks were delivered by some of the members, after which the motion was put by the Moderator, and passed by unanimous voice." This new title first appears in a letter by the presidency January 22.

May 3, 1854 - A Month after Brigham Young publicly condemns and excommunicates lawyer Jessee T. Hartley, he starts for eastern states, apparently without Young's safe-conduct pass. William A. Hickman murders him during trip with Apostle Orson Hyde and Hosea Stout in canyon. Stout's diary verifies Hickman's later account of this.

May 3, 1865 - The RLDS Quorum of Twelve discusses whether or not Blacks should be ordained to the priesthood. They reach an impasse and send the question to RLDS President Joseph Smith III. Joseph III receives a revelation allowing blacks to be baptized. The LDS church follows suit 122 years later.

May 3, 1877 - Dr. William D. Purple publishes an eye-witness account of Joseph Smith's 1826 trial for being a "disordly person." Joseph was charged with being a "glass looker" for gazing into a stone in his efforts to find locations of buried treasure. Purple writes: "On the request of the Court, he exhibited the stone. It was about the size of a small hen's egg, in the shape of a high-instepped shoe. It was composed of layers of different colors passing diagonally through it."

May 3, 1880 - At apostles meeting, "The question of over running salaries was brought up. Several of the brethren had overdrawn their allowance." They vote to forgive overdrafts, to increase their annual allowance, and to give allowance to Presiding Patriarch.

May 3, 1896 - Second Counselor in the First Presidency Joseph F. Smith presents the "Political Manifesto" before the Cache Stake Conference, in Logan, Utah. He asks for a show of hands: " I don't want anybody to fail to vote because of fear, or because of any other reason. If they have made up their mind one way or the other, let them manifest, and let us see who are for the authorities of the church and who are not for them." About two-thirds of those present voted. From twenty to twenty-five hands were raised against it. Those voting against it included Moses Thatcher, jr., (son of the Apostle) and wife and others stood up and voted "No."

May 3, 1952 - David O. McKay dedicated first monument to martyred LDS missionary, Joseph Standing.

May 3, 1978 - First Presidency announces end to all local prayer circle meetings, except those connected with endowment ceremony (and prayer circle meetings of general authorities).

May 3, 1985 - Church Public Communications director Jerry Cahill is informed by Gordon B. Hinckley that the First Presidency's vault does contain letter written by Joseph Smith which talks about "money digging." Cahill had, five days previously had publicly denied any such letter was in the Church's archives or in the First Presidency's vault. The letter, which is later discovered to be a forgery by Mark Hofmann, was secretly sold to the church for $10,000 and locked away in the First Presidency's vault.

May 3, 1988 - David P. Wright Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Near Eastern Languages at BYU receives a letter offering him the choice between resigning or receiving a letter of termination. Wright chooses to be fired "because the matter was too serious to let go undocumented on the part of the institution." The reasons given include his views that the Book of Mormon "is best explained as a nineteenth-century work of scripture rather than a translation of a document from ancient America around 600 B.C.-400 A.D. The letter acknowledges that Wright does not teach these views in the classroom."

May 3, 1995 - Agreement between LDS church and American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors "over the issue of posthumous baptisms of Jewish Holocaust victims." First Presidency agrees to "remove from next issue of International Genealogical Index [public-access record only] names of all known posthumously baptized Jewish holocaust victims, "and "to discontinue any further baptisms of deceased Jews, including all lists of Jewish Holocaust victims who are known Jews, except if they were direct ancestors of living members of the Church."

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