May 25th

May 25, 1841 - Lieutenant General Joseph Smith issues General Orders for the Nauvoo Legion: "The 1st Company, (riflemen) 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 2nd Cohort, will be attached to the escort contemplated in the general orders of the 4th inst., for the 3rd of July next. In forming the Legion, the Adjutant will observe the rank of companies as follows; to wit: 1st Cohort the flying artillery first, the lancers next, and the riflemen next -- visiting companies of dragoons next the lancers, and cavalry next the dragoons: 2nd Cohort -- the artillery first, the lancers next, the riflemen next, the light-infantry next, and the infantry next -- visiting companies in their appropriate places on the right of said troops of their own grade: the ranking company of the 1st Cohort will be formed on the right of said cohort, and the ranking company of the 2nd Cohort will be formed on the left of said cohort, -- he escort will be formed on the right of the forces."

May 25, 1842 - Joseph Smith disfellowships John C. Bennett who quickly publishes the first exposé of Mormon polygamy. It is not clear whether Bennett is disfellowsipped for sexual misconduct or for using Smith's name in justifying seduction. Bennet's excommunication on June 18 would be for his intention to publish against Joseph Smith who prevents Brigham Young from disciplining his brother William for adultery. George A. Smith later referred to "Wm Smith committing iniquity & we have to sustain him against our feelings" as an apostle.
Joseph addresses the Nauvoo Relief Society, directing his comments to Emma: "One request to the Pres[iden]t and Society, hold your tongues about things of no moment--a little tale will set the world on fire. At this time the truth on the guilty should not be told openly--we must use precaution in bringing sinners to justice but in exposing their heinous sins, we draw the indignation of a gentile world upon us." Later that evening after listening to John C. Bennett's confession of wrongdoing before 100 of his fellow Freemasons, Joseph requests mercy for his friend and former counselor.

May 25, 1844 - While Joseph Smith keeps "out of the way of expected arrests from Carthage" for perjury and polygamy, the Council of Fifty "made arrangements to have" Joseph installed as postmaster for Nauvoo "and have control of the post office."

May 25, 1856 - Emma Smith Bidamon (widow of Joseph Smith) sells "four Egyptian Mummies with the records of them. These Mummies were obtained from the catacombs of Egypt sixty feet below the surface of the Earth, by the antiquarian society of Paris & forwarded to New York & purchased by the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith at the price of twenty four hundred dollars in the year Eighteen hundred thirty-five they were highly prized by Mr. Smith on account of the importance which attached to the records which were accidentally found enclosed in the breast of one of the Mummies." Emma waited until Lucy Mack Smith, Joseph's mother, died (eleven days previously) before selling the mummies and "records" to "Mr. A. Combs."

May 25, 1857 - Wilford Woodruff's daughter Phebe "had a vary Severe attack of inflamation on the Lungs or sumthing like plurisy. She Could not Breath ownly with great Difficulty." After anointing her and rebuking the disease Woodrff "finally got Joseph Smiths silk Hankerchief which He gave me in 1839 . . . I laid it upon her stomach. Broth Dunyon Came in to see her in the evening she became some better & slept some."
"A large Mormon colony took possession of the valley of Deer Creek 100 miles west of Fort Laramie and drove away a band of Sioux whom I had settled there in April and whom I [Indian agent Thomas S. Twiss] had induced to plant corn." Twiss writes to the U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, " I respectfully and earnestly call the attention of the department to the invasion and enter my protest against its occupation of Indian country in force and the forced ejection of the Indians from the place where I had settled them. I am powerless to control this matter for the Mormons obey no law enacted by Congress."

May 25, 1861 - Church historian records when Brigham Young visits Mountain Meadows he says memorial plaque should read: "Vengeance is mine and I have taken a little."

May 25, 1877 - Brigham Young preaches: "The Seventies are Apostles; and they stand next in authority to the Twelve," as reported in DESERET NEWS on June 2.

May 25, 1879 - Father Scanlan, a Roman Catholic Priest, conducts mass in the St. George tabernacle at the suggestion and with permission of one of the Council of the Twelve and the president of the stake, who are there.

May 25 1889 - Wilford Woodruff writes to George Terry (Shoshone chief and Mormon Elder): "We fully expect that the Lamanites . . . will receive many manifestations in the last days . . . It is probable that they will receive the ministrations of perhaps the three Nephites.... But the description which you give to the narration of these Indians who have seen these supernatural things, does not inspire us with much confidence. Great care has to be taken not to allow a wrong spirit to prevail among those people for their tendency, as we understand, is to accept alleged supernatural manifestations with a great deal of credulity." Terry had written Woodruff that "the Lord is working amongst them and has sent heavenly messengers, and that great events are about to take place."

May 25, 1894 - First Counselor George Q. Cannon, at the request of President Wilford Woodruff, signs a recommend for a post-manifesto plural marriage for Hattie Merrill, daughter of Apostle Marriner W. Merrill, president of the Logan Temple, and and John W. Barnett. The marriage is solemnized in the Logan Temple on July 16.

May 25, 1897 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr. writes: ""Visited Pres[ident] Woodruff who remains feeble, he did not want to ride out for a short distance even. He wanders in his mind Can't collect his senses after he wakes from sleep." Woodruff dies fifteen months later.

May 25, 1919 - At Salt Lake temple testimony meeting, several reort that during recent weeks they saw Heber J. Grant transfigured into appearance of deceased Joseph F. Smith.

May 25, 1940 - CHURCH SECTION prints Mrs. Horace Eaton's 1881 account that the prophet's mother Lucy Mack Smith performed various forms of divination, including palmistry.
Apostle David O. McKay writes to N. B. Lundwall: "Regarding your proposed new book on "Temples of the Most High", I suggest that you confine your statistics to those which have already been approved by the General Authorities for publicity. Even some already published by the Arizona Temple, by Brother Frank T. Pomeroy, are now withheld from the general public. No statistics should be given out by any of the Temples until the items are first submitted to the First Presidency."

May 25, 1961 - Several apostles "are gravely concerned about the pressures being put on missionaries to baptize to fill a quota of baptisms. . . .This of course[is] a criticism of President Moyle and many of the mission presidents working under his direction." Extensive abuses in "baseball baptism program" lead to counselor Moyle's censure in 1963, mass excommunications of European "kiddie baptisms" in 1964-65, and more than decade of avoiding baptism quotas for full-time missionaries. General authorities are haunted by memories of baseball baptism era and urge restrain upon youthful missionaries.

May 25, 1962 - Boyd K. Packer is first to earn regular doctorate while serving as general authority. He receives Ed.D. degree from Brigham Young University. Other general authorities with Ed.D. degree are Carlos E. Asay (appointed in 1976), Joe J. Christensen (1989), L. Lionel Kendrick (1989), John M. Madsen (1992), L. Edward Brown (1996), William Rolfe Kerr (1996).

May 25, 1975 - At a special early-morning "Adults only" fireside in the Seattle East Stake Apostle Mark E. Petersen states that oral sex in an "abomination." Peterson also tells the congregation, "I've been married to my wife for 44 years, and never once have seen her body uncovered".

May 25, 1979 - Violent polygamist leader Ervil LeBaron is apprehended by Mexican officials.

May 25, 1982 - Organization of "Pilgrimage" at Nauvoo, Illinois, by fifty-six Mormon women from across nation. Annual meetings continue in various cities.
In a telephone survey of LDS households in "600-member ward in the Southeastern U.S" it is found that a large majority of LDS men work in airconditioned workplaces while a majority of stay-at-home wives do not have airconditioning. This seemingly contradicts God's mandate to Adam: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread"

May 25, 1984 - Second counselor Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates temple at Boise, Idaho.

May 25, 1996 - CHURCH NEWS reports that CIA's director has conferred National Intelligence Medal of Achievement on Robert A. Mills, a Mormon

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