July 20th

July 20, 1832 - Joseph Smith writes for the first known time about his earliest vision of "the Lord." Not until three years later would he mention that his vision included two personages and not until six years later would he identify the two personages as God, the Father and Jesus Christ.

July 20, 1833 - The first attack on a Mormon community is launched by neighbors near Independence, Mo., continuing on and off for months. The immediate cause for this attack is THE EVENING AND THE MORNING STAR publication of a pro-abolitionist article entitled "Free People of Color."

July 20, 1844 - William Law writes in a letter: "While the wicked slay the wicked I believe I can see the hand of a blasphemed God stretched out in judgment, the cries of innocence and virtue have ascended up before the throne of God, and he has taken sudden vengeance."

July 20, 1837 - Six missionaries (including Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde and Willard Richards) of the first foreign mission arrive in Liverpool, England.

July 20, 1879 - Apostle George Q. Cannon preaches, "If plural marriage be divine, as the Latter-day Saints say it is, no power on earth can suppress it, unless you crush and destroy the entire people."

July 20 1893 - The First Presidency and Apostles discuss "the propriety of calling on 100 men to loan to the church 1000 each or more to relieve the church of its weighty obligations. The discussion of the subject was chiefly against the plan lest it should precipitate a panic by drawing at this time such an amount from the banks. It was thought better for the banks to carry us quietly along till some relief should come in from some other direction." Apostle Francis M. Lyman writes: "My name was down for 1000 and it transpires that I have already years ago loaned the church 1000 at 8% per annum. It is the amount I put into the Deseret Investment Co. The question was postponed for one week. The pressure upon the church is very great just now. The Lord will have to come to our rescue or we will be compelled into Bankruptcy."

July 20, 1897 - The Brigham Young statue in downtown Salt Lake City is unveiled as part of the Pioneer Jubilee celebrations. Wilford Woodruff unveils the statue: "In the name of God I unveil this statue." Catholic Bishop Lawrence L. Scanlan gives the Benediction.

July 20, 1904 - DESERET NEWS reports that a young man being sent home early from his mission has attempted suicide by taking carbolic acid and slitting his throat and wrists with a razor.

Juy 20, 1936 - Chief of Salt Lake City's detectives begins sending to First Presidency reports of surveillance and infiltration of Communist Party in Utah.

July 20, 1982 - LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL publishes a letter to the editor by Apostle Bruce R. McConkie in response to an article about a National Nude Beach Days outing at Lake Mead which identified the organizer as a Mormon. "We cannot speak about the laws of your recreational areas, but we are in a position to inform members and nonmembers of our church that this type of nude conduct is not moral behavior and is not permissible if an individual is to remain a stalwart member of our faith and religious belief." McConkie then urged the LDS naturist "to immediately contact his local bishop regarding this immoral practice," or to contact Elder McConkie personally "for an immediate interview."

July 20, 1995 - Presbyterian General Assembly of the United States adopts resolution that LDS church is "a new and emerging religion that expresses allegiance to Jesus Christ in terms used within the Christian tradition." This ecumenical statement is at odds with Protestant denominations which define Mormonism as non-Christian cult. However, in recognition of LDS church's own claim to be neither Catholic nor Protestant, this document adds that LDS church is "not within the historic apostolic tradition of the Christian Church of which the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a part." This pro-Mormon resolution is drafted and presented by Utah's Presbytery, eighty-five years after it fomented several anti-Mormon campaigns nationally.

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