September 14th

Sept 14, 1825 - Heber C. Kimball joins the Milnor Masonic Lodge No. 303 in the village of Victor, New York.

Sept 14, 1835 - "In a meeting of a High Council and the Presidency at Kirtland, it was decided that, as the laborer is worthy of his hire, whenever President Joseph Smith, Sen., is called upon to pronounce Patriarchal blessings upon the Church, he be paid for his services at the rate of ten dollars per week and his expenses." By 1841, this would include a fee of $1 per blessing; fifty years later it would be $2 per blessing.

Sept 14, 1840 - On his deathbed, Joseph Smith, Sr., ordains his son Hyrum as Presiding Patriarch. This would be the last instance of patrilineal ordination which the hierarchy accepted for the office of patriarch. More than a decade later Brigham Young would reject a similar ordination by Presiding Patriarch John Smith for his son George A. Smith.

Sept 14, 1842 - The SANGAMO JOURNAL carries the following notice: "We, the undersigned, feeling ourselves aggrieved by the conduct of Joseph Smith, and others of the leaders of the Church of Latter Day Saints--and feeling that we have been most scandalously imposed upon in matters and things of a Divine character, wish publicly to withdraw from said Church, and no longer claim allegiance thereto." It is signed by ten people.

Sept 14, 1845 - Nauvoo police "had to flog" three uninvited men in an open-air "business meeting" of the church. Later the police post "a guard below the City to prevent any person from going in or out to correspond with the mob."

Sept 14, 1850 - Incorporation of Perpetual Emigrating Company by General Assembly of State of Deseret. Before federal government forces its disincorporation in 1887, PEF assists more than third of all European Immigrants to Utah.

Sept 14, 1852 - The DESERET EVENING NEWS prints an extra edition with the revelation on polygamy (Now section 132 of D&C). This is the first time the text is published.

Sept 14, 1857 - Colonel William Dame, commander of the Iron County Military District orders his officers to calm the Indians and to "assist in passing through the trains now upon the roads." Dame also said the Paiutes, "manifested many signs of hostility towards the whites and passers-by."
Brigham Young declares the territory under martial law.

Sept 14, 1862 - Colonel Patrick Edward Connor, commander of the military district of Utah, reports to Army Headquarters: "It will be impossible for me to describe what I saw and heard in Salt Lake, so as to make you realize the enormity of Mormonism; suffice it, that I found them a community of traitors, murderers, fanatics and whores…"

Sept 14, 1886 - By appointment of First Presidency, Charles O. Card begins mission to North-West Territories (now Alberta Province), Canada, to find refuge for polygamous Mormons to escape arrest. This is origin of Mormon settlements in Cardston Alberta, Canada, where settlers arrive on June 1, 1887.

Sept 14, 1897 - Apostle Franklin D. Richards writes: "There are said to be 3 or 5 detectives from the East in Utah seeking out our condition as to Polygamy & illegal cohabitation."

Sept 14, 1926 - First Presidency reaffirms "that temple ordinances could not be performed for people who had any Negro blood in their veins."

Sept 14, 1960 - BYU president Ernest Wilkinson records an incident in his journal. Wilkinson had called on President David O. McKay at his office. McKay's secretary, Clare Middlemiss, told Wilkinson that his wife had telephoned and that he was to return her call immediately. Middlemiss suggested that he use the telephone in the hall. "By the time I got this telephone [call] through," Wilkinson wrote, Middlemiss "had locked the door on me. There was no question that it was purposeful."

Sept 14, 1971 - Apollo 15 astronauts present to President Joseph Fielding Smith a Utah state flag that has traveled with them to the moon.

Sept 14, 1979 - The WASHINGTON POST devotes the entire top of a page to a photograph of the banner flown by the tow plane over the neighborhood where and LDS area conference is being held: "Mother in Heaven Loves Mormons for ERA." This is the only mention of the conference in the newspaper.
Mark Hofmann and Doralee Olds are sealed for time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

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