August 22nd

Aug 22, 1843 - Mormons in New York City ask: "Is it right for a priest to be appointed to accompany a teacher to the house of each member." Brigham Young responds, "Yes, any officer from a high priest to a deacon may visit the Church or members, and be set apart for this purpose." This is the earliest instruction on what would become known in pioneer Utah as "block teaching" or "ward teaching." Now called "home teaching."

Aug 22, 1851 - At Councilof Fifty meeting Phineas H.Young admits plotting with Indians to kill apostle Orson Hyde in Iowa, because Hyde ordered someone to kill Phineas. Hyde mentions William A. Hickman but doesn't admit responsibility for an attempt on Phineas's life. Brigham Young successfully reconciles these two members of the Fifty.

Aug 22, 1868 - At a meeting of church leaders with LDS youth in Logan Wilford Woodruff preaches: "When these Boys & girls meet to g[a]ther thirty years hence in 1898 & Convers[e] to gether upon the scenes of this visit, what will be their Conversation? It will be sumthing like the following: . . . This visit was in 1868. Then we were Children. Now it is 1898 & great Changes have taken place since that day throughout Great Babylon as well as in Mount Zion. . . . Then the Nation felt Strong & Powerful. Since then it has been broken to peaces. That visit was before the destruction of the City of New York By the Sea Heaving itself beyong its bounds & washing the inhabitants into the Sea & they were drowned. It was Before Albany was utterly Destroyed by fire. It was before Boston was sunk with an Earthquake. It was before Chicago was struck with lightning & burned with fire & Brimstone for their Abominations. It was before the many Millions of the People of the United States & other Nations of the Earth were destroyed with their Cities By the Great Judgments of God Because of their great sins & wickedness in the sight of Heaven & Earth. This was Before the United States became so weakened & Broaken to peaces that they Called upon Brigham Young to take the Presidency of the United States to save the Constitution & the remnant of the Nation from utter destruction." Woodruff writes, "At the Close of the meeting Presidet Young said my remarks were given By Revelation."

Aug 22, 1895 - First Presidency and apostles decide to deny temple endowments to "Black Jane" Manning (James) because of her "negro blood." Black women are banned from temple, as are black men until 1978.

Aug 22, 1962 - First Presidency letter to stake presidents: "It is contrary to our counsel and advice that ward, branch or stake premises, chapels or other Church facilities be used in any way for political campaign purposes, whether it be for speech-making, distribution of literature, or class discussions." First Presidency finds it necessary to reissue these instructions on Mar. 5, 1980.

Aug 22, 1981 - Apostle Boyd K Packer instructs BYU religion faculty, all seminary and institute teachers, and administrators of Church Education System that Mormon history, "if not properly written or properly taught, may be a faith destroyer," and he affirms that Mormon historians are wrong in publicizing controversial elements of Mormon past. BYU STUDIES publishes this address in full. At request of students, BYU history professor D. Michael Quinn gives his perspective on Elder Packer's talk and role of historical inquiry to meeting of BYU's history majors. Summarized within days by off-campus student newspaper SEVENTH EAST PRESS, this conflict between some apostles and some Mormon historians is subject of Feb 1982 NEWSWEEK article which quotes Professor Quinn that "a history which makes LDS leaders flawless and benignly angelic would border on idolatry."

Aug 22, 1990 - LDS missionaries Manuel Antonio Hidalgo and Christian Andreani Ugarte are shot and killed in Peru.

Aug 22, 1991 - Bode Uale, first judge of Samoan ancestry in United States, is appointed to Family Court of Hawaii.

Aug 22, 1993 - SALT LAKE TRIBUNE reports survey showing that 55 percent of Utah's residents favor right of persons to commit suicide under any circumstances. For persons with terminal diseases, 65 percent of Utahns favor physician-assisted suicide.

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