May 29th

May 29, 1834 - While traveling in Indiana Joseph Smith and company are detained when a horse dies. To pass the time while waiting for another horse to be purchased Joseph "then proposed for a diversion that we divide the camp into three parts and have a sham battle, which was agreed to. Brother Roger Orton led one division, Frederick G. Williams another division, while I remained in the camp with the third division. They retired to the woods with their divisions, and soon attacked the camp, which we defended by various maneuvers for some time. Many of our captains showed considerable tact and more acquaintance with military matters than I had expected. Everything passed off with good feelings, although Captain Heber C. Kimball, in receiving a charge, grasped Captain Lewis Zobriski's sword, and in endeavoring to take it from him, had the skin cut from the palm of his hand."

May 29, 1837 - Apostles Orson Pratt and Lyman E. Johnson accuse Joseph Smith of lying, financial fraud, and extortion. The Kirtland High council receives formal accusations against counselors Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams, apostles Parley P. Pratt and Lyman E. Johnson, Smith's private secretary Warren Parrish and BOOK OF MORMON witness David Whitmer. The accused challenge the authority of the council to try them and charge bias. The council "then dispersed in confusion." This is the beginning of an apostasy which would overwhelm church headquarters and causes its abandonment by Joseph Smith seven months later.

May 29, 1843 - William Clayton writes: "This A.M. President Joseph told me that he felt as though I was not treating him exactly right and asked if I had used any familiarity with E[mma]. I told him by no means and explained to his satisfaction."

May 29, 1845 - Eight apostles, along with a few other church leaders and William Clayton, meet in Willard Richards's home to seek the help of heaven. They pray for many things, writes Clayton, but especially "that the Lord would over-rule the movements of Wm. Smith who is endeavoring to ride the Twelve down."

May 29, 1857 - Brigham Young upbraids members of the pioneer party on route to Utah, "I have let the brethren dance, and fiddle, and act the nigger night after night to see what they will do, and what extremes they would go to, if suffered to go as they would but I don't love to see it. . . . Joking, nonsense, profane language, trifling conversation and loud laughter do not belong to us . . . Here are the Elders of Israel who have the priesthood, who have got to preach the gospel, who have to gather the nations of the earth, who have to build up the Kingdom, so that the nations can come to it, they will stoop to dance as niggers. I don't mean this as debasing the negroes, by any means; . . ." Wilford Woodruff adds that he advises "all the Brethren who have got Cards to burn them up Also Checkers & dominoes. For if you keep your Covenants you have made you will have no time to use them & they will be useless lumber on your hands. If you keep them for your children they will ownly prove a curse to them."

May 29, 1870 - Brigham Young teaches: "The aborigines of this country are the descendants of this very people whom Jesus visited, to whom he delivered his Gospel, and among whom he organized his Church. They were obedient for over three hundred years, and served God with an undivided heart, after which they began to apostatize."

May 29, 1875 - Missionary and future apostle John Henry Smith writes of arriving in Berlin: "took a Cab and went to the Hotel D'Angleterre, took rooms, washed and took Table D'Hote. There was 13 courses. Cousin J[oseph] F. S[mith] & I drank Clarret. . . . One thing is very evident here, and that is military rule, troops and Police on every hand, and the people seem afraid of them."

May 29, 1884 - Elizabeth Stephens is "set apart as a midwife and Doctress" by Wilford Woodruff.

May 29, 1890 - A meeting of the Twelve Apostles is called by Lorenzo Snow with the agenda of achieving greater unity among themselves. Moses Thatcher says, "The hope of our becoming one has given me more joy than anything I can think of. If we can become as one it will be a glorious thing. The First Presidency are one and if we can become one and then become one with the First Presidency it will be the beginning of the establishment of the Kingdom of God, preparatory for the coming of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ . . ." Thatcher is dropped from the Quorum in 1896.

May 29, 1896 - President Wilford Woodruff "spent the day in the office and talked over our Church Debts & how to settle them. F S Richards Just Notified me that the Government had sent back our Real Estate Property to salt Lake City to be dismissed by the Court & the property turned over to the Trustee in trust."

May 29, 1899 - At missionary meeting in Scotland, Charles Woolfenden sees two angels and proclaims that one is "guardian angel" of Elder John Young. Mission counselor James L. McMurrin says that second is guardian angel of missionary C.C. Eccles. Founding prophet Joseph Smith had referred matter-of-factly to "my guardian angel" in sermon of June 13, 1844.

May 29, 1922 - The First Presidency tells B. H. Roberts he "might select any mission within the United States as a field of Labor" as a mission president or he might even consider accepting the editorial direction of the Church newspaper, the Deseret News. Roberts, without hesitation, chooses to go to New York City as head of the Eastern States Mission covering the northeastern section of the United States This was very shortly after his confrontation with the Twelve over Book of Mormon problems. J. Reuben Clark, an employee of the U.S. Department of State at this time writes a letter objecting to Robert's call. George W. McCune, current Eastern States Mission President also objects.

May 29, 1958 - U. S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower appoints general authority Marion D. Hanks to Citizen's Advisory Committee on Fitness of American Youth. Later various general authorities serve on special White House conferences and committees.

May 29, 1983 - Salt Lake City’s mayor, by placing one call to local LDS leader, has 2,000 volunteers within hour to create artificial sandbag levees to prevent widespread flooding.

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