October 12th

Oct 12, 1833 - A revelation appoints Sidney Rigdon as "a spokesman to my servant Joseph."

Oct 12, 1845 - Sidney Rigdon's supporters in Pittsburgh publicly sustain him as "first president of the church" which is formally organized as a new "Church of Christ" on April 6, 1845.

Oct 12, 1857 - Officer in U.S. army expedition at Fort Laramie, Wyoming writes: "Two men by the name of Hickman, brothers to Bill Hickman who is celebrated in this country as one of the 'Destroying Angels,' came into our camps yesterday . . . .One of them had a sword belt in his possession which had belonged to the man (Vilkins) who went out gunning on the 7th inst and had not been heard from since."

Oct 12, 1882 - Abram hatch tells convention of church's People's Party: "If we join either [national] party let us be careful that we go with the party that is on top and that will be sure to stay there."

Oct 12, 1883 - John Taylor washes feet of other members of School of Prophets, first time church president performs this ordinance in forty-seven years.

Oct 12, 1888 - Wilford Woodruff and apostles vote to allow Idaho Mormons to be excommunicated in order to vote. They regret this decision within three weeks.

Oct 12, 1897 - At meeting of Quorum of Twelve, "Pres. [Lorenzo] Snow led out on Adam being our father and God. How beautiful the thought [-] it bro[ugh]t God nearer to us."

Oct 12, 1905 - Angus M. Cannon, in a letter to Joseph Smith, III, and his son Frederick, answers a question about Joseph Smith's polygamy. In response to the elder Smith's inquiry, "Where is the issue in evidence of my father's having married plural wives," Cannon replies: "I will now refer you to one case where it was said by the girl's grandmother that your father has a daughter born of a plural wife. The girl's grandmother was Mother Sessions, who lived in Nauvoo and died here in the valley. She was the grand-daughter of Mother Sessions . . . Aunt Patty Sessions, asserts that the girl was born within the time after your father was said to have taken the mother." Cannon was president of the Salt Lake Stake and a brother of Apostle and First Presidency counselor George Q. Cannon.

Oct 12, 1954 - George W. Romney is named president of Ameican Motors in Detroit, Michigan. A Few of the other large national corporations (outside intermountain area) and international corporations which have Mormons as president, vice-president, CEO, chair of board, or general manager at various times are Aetna Life and casualty (D. Lee Tobler), American Airlines (Melvin E. Olsen), American Broadcasting Co. (Robert H. Hinckley), Anaconda Copper ((Howeard L. Edwards, Charles Jay Parkinson), Atari Games (Nolan Busnell), Bank of America (Blair R. Egli, Richard V. Harris), Black & Decker (Nolan D Archibald), Citibank (Dan C. Jorgensen), Clorox (Robert A. Bolingbroke), Columbia Broadcasting System (Ralph W. Hardy), Columbia Records (James B. Conkling), Conoco (Max G. Pitcher), Consolidated Freightways (Ronald E. Poelman), Digital Equipment (Ralph N. Christensen), Dow Chemical (Wayne Hancock), Eastman Kodak (Kay R. Whitmore), General Mills (Delbert F. Wright, Mark H. Willes, Richard C. Edgley), B. F. Goodrich (D. Lee Tobler), Gucci Stores (Harmon J. Tobler), Hewlett-Packard (Richard W. Anderson), Kaiser Steel (Albert P. Heiner), M. W. Kellogg (Alex G. Oblad), Kentucky Fried Chicken (Leon W. Harman), Litton Industries (Rudolph E. Lang, Jr.), Los Angeles Times-Mirror (Mark H. Willes), Lufthansa Airlines (Dieter F. Uchtdorf), Madison Square Garden (David W. Checketts), Marriott Hotels (J. Willard Marriott, Sr. and Jr., Ridhard E. Marriott, Milton A Barlow, W.Donn Ladd, Francis W. Cash, Thomas Hart), McGraw-Hill Publications (David P. Forsyth), Mars Candy (Merrill J. Bateman), Metropolitan Life Insurance (Stanley Benfell), Nabisco (Lee > Bickmore), Newsweek (Llewellyn L. Calaway), Olumpic Stain (C. Roger Victor), J. C. Penney (Oakley S. Evans), Phillips Petroleum (Robern N. Sears), Prudential Insurance (James B. Jacobson), Ryder Rental Trucks (M. Anthony Burns), Safeway Stores (O. Leslie Stone), Sperry Univac (Gerald G. Probst), Trans-Canada Pipeline (N. Eldon Tanner), Union Carbide (Isaac Stewart), Warner Bros. Records (James B Conkling), Western Airlines (Larry Lee), Winchell's/Denny's Restaurants (John D. Hatch), Woolworth Stores (Robert Kirkwood).
Intermountain-based companies of national stature (not owned or controlled by LDS church) which have Mormon executives from their inception or at various times are Albertson's Supermarkets, Associated Foods, Evans and Sutherland Computer Corp., First Security Bank/Wells Fargo, Franklin Quest, Geneva Steel, Huntsman Chemicals, Jusky Oil, J.B.'s Big Boy Restaurants, Little America Hotels, Micron Technology, Morton-Thiokol, Nevell, J. R. Simplot Corp., Sinclair Oil, Smith's Food King Stores, Swire Coca-Cola USA, O. C. Tanner Jewelry, Wildon Food Products, WordPerfect.

Oct 12, 1963 - Dedication of Polynesian Cultural Center near temple at Laie, Hawaii, which becomes mecca for tourists to Hawaiian Islands.

Oct 12, 1975 - Presidency counselor N. Eldon Tanner dedicates LDS dormitory and classroom building at Michigan State University, "the first of its kind at a non-Church school outside of Utah."

Oct 12, 1980 - While organizing a stake in Brasilia, Brazil, Apostle Ezra Taft Benson gives blessing to new stake president's daughter who "had a large growth on her neck," that "growth would disappear" without surgery recommended by physicians. Five days later the growth is gone.

Oct 12, 1989 - DESERET NEWS reports that representative of Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company confirms that Utah has highest per-capita use in nation of anti-depressant Prozac.

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