October 13th

Oct 13, 1831 - The first attack by a Mormon apostate is published when Ezra Booth's letters in the OHIO STAR are printed through Dec. 8. They are republished in the first anti-Mormon book, MORMONISM UNVAILED. Booth makes reference to the revelation on polybamy, and to the twelve unordained apostles of the church.

Oct 13, 1845 - A non-Mormon in Augusta, Illinois writes his brother: "there are hundreds of good farms, that the Mormons would sell cheap, go in the SPRING THEY MUST. They talk of going over the rocky mountains, but I don't believe it. But wherever the wretches can go, I don't know. They have no right to go or stay any where, on earth. They are not fit to be among men!"

Oct 13, 1860 - Apostle Orson Hyde intervenes to spare William A. Hickman from excommunication and tells bishopric: "a man may steal and be influenced by the spirit of the Lord to do it, that Hickman had done it in years past." The bishop reluctantly acquits him.

Oct 13, 1873 - Salt Lake City School of Prophets discusses practice of Patriarch John Smith and others who ordain infant boys to priesthood. Second counselor Daniel H. Wells "said some had ordained children when thought they would die--this had been a comfort to some parents, though there was no law or revelation given for or against it, consequently he could not see any harm or wrong in having it done, neither could he think there was any particular virtue in it."

Oct 13, 1882 - John Taylor announces revelation appointing two men he had wanted as apostles since the previous April: George Teasdale and Heber J. Grant. Of this appointment, Apostle John Henry Smith complains that newly appointed apostle George Teasdale "is distasteful to me in his sycophantic manner" and Heber J. Grant does not have "a testimony of the truth."

Oct5 13, 1892 - At prayer circle of First Presidency and apostles, "Pres. Woodruff was mouth in prayer and he made a very strong appeal to the Lord in behalf of Mrs. [Benjamin] Harrison, who is afflicted with some lung disease. The President of the United States had asked that we pray for his wife."

Oct 13, 1917 - DESERET NEWS reports that "Bishop Robert McQuarrie has resigned from the bishopric of the Ogden Second ward after rendering efficient service as bishop for a period of 40 years." During Mormonism's first century, presiding officers have option to honorably resign for personal reasons such as family stres, business problems, ill health , or simply weariness of the position. It is customary to tell their congretation about leaders request to be released.

Oct 13, 1996 - Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates Mount Timpanogos temple at American Fork, Utah.

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