August 11th

Aug 11, 1826 - The WAYNE SENTINEL lists "Joseph Smith" among delinquent subscribers with the amount due $5.60.

Aug 11, 1843 - Joseph Smith performs a marriage for his brother Hyrum and his first plural wife and tells William Clayton, "you have a right to get all you can."

Aug 11, 1846 - Parley P. Pratt arrives at Winter Quarters from Fort Leavenworth with $5,860, "being a portion of the allowance for clothing of the [Mormon] battalion.

Aug 11, 1859 - U.S. army sergeant Ralph Pike is shot in Salt Lake City just before his trial for assaulting LDS youth, Howard O. Spencer. A diary notes that murderer is "seen by hundreds and no one knew him and no two gave the same description of him." At trial in 1889 Spencer pleas temporary insanity and jury acquits him. DESERET NEWS editorializes on May 11, 1889 that murdered man "richly deserved his fate."

Aug 11, 1901 - Of men attending stake priesthood meeting, one-third admit they do not observe Word of Wisdom.

Aug 11, 1927 - Heber J. Grant says, "There was no other people in the world that has a kindly a feeling toward the Jews as do the Latter-day Saints, as we believe in the final destiny of the Jew." This repeats similar statement to general conference of Apr. 1921. Among Jewish candidates elected by primarily Mormon voters during this period of national anti-Semitism are Simon Bamberger (Utah's governor, 1917-21), Louis Marcus (Salt Lake City mayor, 1931-35), and Herbert M. Schiller (district judge, 1933-39).

Aug 11, 1967 - At a meeting in the Tustin Ward Chapel of Santa Ana, California, Hugh Nibley states that the papyrus text for the Book of Abraham and the Book of Joseph were not destroyed in the Chicago fire but are still in existence. The first official announcement of the papyri's existence occurs over three months later.

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