July 12th

July 12, 1843 - Joseph Smith's revelations on plural marriage and sealing are recorded. Hyrum had asks his brother to dictate it by means of his seer stone, but Joseph dictates it from memory. Hyrum uses the written revelation to try to convert Emma Smith to accept the practice. William Clayton, Joseph's scribe, records: "This A.M. I wrote a Revelation consisting of 10 pages on the order of the priesthood, showing the designs in Moses, Abraham, David and Solomon having many wives and concubines &c. After it was wrote Presidents Joseph and Hyrum presented it and read it to E[mma] who said she did not believe a word of it and appeared very rebellious."

July 12, 1844 - Willard Richards and others discuss Joseph Smith's statement that "if he and Hyrum were taken away Samuel H. Smith [Joseph's brother] would be his successor."

July 12, 1847 - On the pioneer trail William Clayton writes: "Elder [Heber C.] Kimball proposed that a company start from the camp with Elder [Orson] Pratt to proceed on to the Weber River Canyon and ascertain if we can pass through safely if not to try and find a pass over the mountains. He reported that President Young is a little better this morning, but last evening was insensible and raving." Pratt leads a vanguard company ahead of the main body of Pioneers for the purpose of making a road into the Salt Lake valley.

July 12, 1857 - Patriarch John Young preaches: "I wonder if some one won't go away and say that brother [Heber C.] Kimball and the authorities were misinformed. I can tell you they are not; for those men who stand at the head of affairs have the light of heaven with them all the time; they have the power of the Spirit and the visions of the heavens with them always, and they can read men and women from head to foot. After this, I don't want anybody to go away from the meeting and say, 'I guess they were mistaken.' Don't let us hear any more of it, brethren; never let such a thing be spoken, that a Prophet of God is mistaken. I ask this congregation, and I adjure you in the name of the Lord to speak, if ever you heard brother Brigham, brother Kimball, brother Jedediah, or brother Wells say anything that was not strictly true. I answer, you never did." Heber C. Kimball interrupts at this point: "If it were so, a man might be a Prophet one minute and a devil another."

July 12, 1857 - Heber C. Kimball preaches: "Women were never placed to lead. Did you ever see a ship rigged for sailing to England, or to any other port in the world, without a helm, and rudder, and a man who knew the points of the compass and how to receive instructions for guiding that ship. And then you will sometimes see a number of boats lashed with cables to a large ships and they are all led by that ship, and that is guided by the power and intelligence on board of it; Women are made to be led, and counselled, and directed. If they are not led, and do not make their cables fast to the power and authority they are connected with, they will be damned. Instead of cutting those little fibres that pertain to those cables which connect them with the ship, they ought to be adding other strands to to the cables, that they may stand when the sea becomes boisterous. . . .Women are to be led. If I should undertake to drive a woman, I should have to drive her before me; and then she becomes my leader the moment I do that. I should lead her; and she should be led by me, if I am a good man; and if I am not a good man, I have no just right in this Church to a wife or wives, or to the power to propagate my species. What, then, should. be done with me? Make a eunuch of me, and stop my propagation."

July 12, 1864- General Patrick Edward Connor, commander at Fort Douglas, reports to his superiors: "The people of this Territory, under the implicit guidance of Brigham Young, are steeped in disloyalty and omit no opportunity of making display of it and injuring the Government by every means in their power."

July 12, 1869 - Former Apostle William McLellin writes a letter to a friend explaining why he had become a "Hedrickite": "In the first place he delivered a number of prophecies which have already come to pass. So his friends who heard him declare. I could tell you what they were--but no matter now. . .They go back on the original principles as taught at first in 1830 and up to 1834 when they declare that Jos. fell. . . . I stated to them precisely my position, that I was willing to believe Hedrick was a Prophet, and the church had chosen him to preside over the whole church, and I was willing to take him to preside. I heard, after he got there on the 1st, a great deal of his teaching, and of his decisions, I was willing to admit I could see wisdom in them. Hence I united with them."

July 12, 1875 - In England missionary and future apostle John Henry Smith dreams "that Prest. J[oseph] F. Smith and I and some others took tea with the Prince of Wales and wife in one of the Palaces in London."

July 12, 1887 - Apostle Heber J. Grant meets with local church leaders in Cedar City and writes in his diary: "In the afternoon held a meeting with about twenty of the leading brethren. Gave them to understand that the State Constitution met the unqualified support of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles, and urged upon them the necessity of seeing that every registered voter of the People's Party turned out at the coming election, and cast their vote in favor of the Constitution. Requested them not to mention the fact of my meeting with them"

July 12, 1893 - Apostle Marriner W. Merrill writes: "At a Quorum meeting in the Salt Lake Temple today President Woodruff and President Joseph F. Smith, after Temple ordinance matters were discussed, ruled that the Endowment House and St. George Temple practices should prevail in all the Temples, viz., that those persons, male or female, who had not been sealed for themselves could represent the dead in being sealed for them. I demurred against the ruling as I do not think it right, but will adopt it in the Logan Temple on the responsibility of the Presidency. It was moved by President Joseph F. Smith and carried unanimously that Lorenzo Snow and M[arriner] W. Merrill, Presidents of the Salt Lake and Logan Temples, should be the judges and decide whether women in the Church having husbands deceased out of the Church should be sealed to said husbands."

July 12, 1898 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr. writes: "While we believe in the integrity of Pres[ident] Geo[rge] Q. Cannon still we believe that he has nearly ruined the credit of the church with schemes which have failed, and the responsibility rests upon Pres[ident] W. Poor man, his faith is unbounded in Bro[ther] Cannon, but we now find ourselves with a very aged man at the head and a badly paralyzed man to manage all his public affaches to see that splendid man less than I have know him all my life. . . . Now it seems to me that the safety of his own health and the welfare of the church demanded his complete isolation from all business cares and a strong hand to guide church business considering Pres[ident] Woodruffs enfeebled condition. The Twelve should now enter fully into the councils of the First Presidency. It has been delayed too long and now necessity demands that this reform be inaugurated."

July 12, 1924 - Apostle and Salt Lake City Temple president George F. Richards writes: "The Temple Committee have gone over the ceremonies of the Endowments with a view to more perfectly put them in proper form and we are still working on them and I am in hope that in due time these will be considered by the Presidency and as far as is right the suggestions will be approved and the ceremonies be re-written having all the written ceremonies appear in their most perfected form and regular order in the Presidents' Books and in the past books. I am delighted with what has been done thus far and am hopeful that the future will see the other changes made which are very much needed."

July 12, 1960 - LDS poet Carol Lynn Pearson writes in her journal: "I've read every scripture regarding woman that is mentioned in the standard works. Each one only upsets me more; I don't mean casually bothers me, I mean upsets the very core of my nature."

July 12, 1985 - Forger Mark Hoffman shows Hugh Pinnock, of the First Quorum of Seventy, a photocopy of a supposed land deed from the "McLellin Collection." At the bottom among a list of signatures are included "Sidney Rigdon" and "Solomon Spaulding."

July 12, 2003 - The SALT LAKE TRIBUNE reports, "Utah ranks among worst in forcible rape…The report and rankings from the Charleston, S.C.-based National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center put Utah No. 1 in the continental United States for its estimated percentage of rape victims -- 20.6 percent of the state's adult female population….The only state ahead of Utah was Alaska, where 20.9 percent of the state's female population are estimated to have been rape victims, according to the rankings."

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