June 15th

June 15, 1828 - a Son is born to Joseph and Emma Smith in Harmony, Pennsylvania and dies within an hour. The gravestone gives no name but the family bible records the name as "Alvin" after Joseph's older brother who had died.

June 15, 1844 - The Presiding Patriarch publishes an announcement signed as "HYRUM SMITH, President of the Church."
William Clayton writes in his journal: "A.M. [Joseph Smith was] conversing with Dr. [Joseph] Wakefield and others in the Bar Room, telling a dream concerning his father killing a man who attempted to stab him. He also spoke concerning key words. The g[reat] key word was the first word Adam spoke and is a word of supplication. He found the word by the Urim and Thummim. It is that key word to which the heavens is opened."

June 15, 1845 - Sidney Rigdon publishes an editorial: "Nauvoo is a sink of corruption, Deception in its most forbidding forms, is resorted to by them, to make people think they are different from what they are in truth. They deny, or attempt to deny, the existence of the very doctrine on which they pretend that their exaltation depends. . . . A true saint would publish his faith to the world, though he would suffer death for it; and rejoice in the thought that he suffered death for Christ's sake. . . . Has it come to this, that men must lie, defame, and slander, in order to sustain the religion of Jesus Christ?"

June 15, 1850 - First issue of church's DESERET NEWS, which includes astrological almanacs. Willard Richards is the editor.

June 15, 1856 - Brigham Young preaches: "I have proof ready to show that Bishops have taken in thousands of pounds of tithing which they have never reported to the general tithing office. We have documents to show that Bishops have taken in hundreds of bushels of wheat, and only a small portion of it has come into the general tithing office; they stole it to let their friends speculate upon. If anyone is doubtful about this, will you not call on me to produce my proof before a proper tribunal? I should take pleasure in doing so, but we pass over such things in mercy to the people."

June 15, 1860 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "Albert Carrington read a letter from Sydney Rigdon to the President. The President remarked Sydney is crazy. . . ."

June 15, 1862 - The "Morrisite war" ends when the Mormon posse storms the Morrisite compound. While spectators watch from the hillside the posse enters the compound. Joseph Morris is killed when he resists arrest and two women are "accidentally" killed in the process. Robert T. Burton, leader of the posse, is indicted eight years later for murder of Morris and others but the indictment is quashed by the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1879 Burton is again indicted and brought to trial for the murder of one of the women. A "mixed" jury of Mormons and non-Mormons finds him not guilty.

June 15, 1863 - Brigham Young writes to several Indian chiefs: "We have been informed that you have determined to take up the war hatchet, and to kill the whites who are peaceably traveling across the country; . . . It is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong. I have always been your friend and have endeavored to do you good, and you must abide my command."

June 15, 1887 - John Taylor says other general authorities should not "be too particular or scrupulus" about promoting proposed Utah state constitution which outlaws polygamy.

June 15, 1892 - Anthon H. Lund, apostle and temple president, gives instructions that no proxy endowments should be done for persons who died "under 15 or 16" years of age.

June 15, 1899 - Apostle John Henry Smith writes: "The President, Lorenzo Snow, gave my son George A[lbert Smith - later president of the church] and wife Lucy E. W. their second Endowments today. I laid hands on with him."

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