October 22nd

Oct 22, 1823 - The WAYNE SENTINAL in Palmyra, New York publishes an account of a vision "seen and received by Asa Wild, of Amsterdam, (N. Y.)" In the vision "the Great Jehovah" appeared and "He also told me, that every denomination of professing christians had become extremely corrupt; . . .He told me further, that he had raised up, and was now raising up, that class of persons signified by the angel mentioned by the Revelator XIV. 6, 7, which flew in the midst of heaven; having the everlasting gospel to preach, that these persons are of an inferior [social] class, and small learning; that they were rejected by every denomination as a body; but soon, God will open their way, by miracles, judgments, &c. that they will have higher authority, greater power, superior inspiration, and a greater degree of holiness than was ever experienced before . . ."

Oct 22, 1837 - Twenty-two Mormons are disfellowshipped at church headquarters in Kirtland for "uniting with the world [non-Mormons] in a dance…"

Oct 22, 1840 - Wilford Woodruff, on a mission in England learns that his first-born child has died over three months earlier.

Oct 22, 1862 - The DESERET NEWS editorial concerning U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's recently-issued Emancipation Proclamation: "We demand to be informed whence the President derives his power to issue any such proclamation as he has now published. Not from the Constitution surely, for it is in plain violation of some of its leading provisions…He is fully adrift on the current of radical fanaticism. We regret for his sake, we lament for the sake of the country, that he has been coerced by the insanity of radicals, by the denunciation of their presses, by the threats of their governors and senators."

Oct 22, 1866 - Dr. J. King Robinson is murdered in Salt Lake City. Witnesses see seven men leaving scene of crime but claim inability to identify them. Brigham Young publicly condemns the act, offers $500 reward on Oct 23 for arrest of murderes. After three Salt Lake City police officers (all Mormons) are charged with the murder, Young withdraws reward on Feb. 1, 1872 because he has "no desire to endanger the lives of innocent men."

Oct 22, 1882 - David H. Peery resigns as stake president due to his refusal to accept Oct. 1882 revelation's requirement for polygamous marriage.

Oct 22, 1894 - Apostle Abraham H. Cannon records in his journal: "In the forenoon Prince Galatzin of the Russian Imperial Council of State, and Lieutenant General of the Russian army came into the News Office to purchase some books. I was asked in German, which language he speaks fluently, as well as French, where he could see Pres. Woodruff. He desired me to show him the office, which I did, and introduced him to the President and Father, with whom he had some conversation. He was accompanied by a local Catholic priest. To my astonishment he was given permission by Pres. Woodruff to visit the [dedicated Salt Lake] temple under my guidance, and both these gentlemen passed through the holy place, Bishop Winder going with us. They were much struck with the elegance of the place..."

Oct 22, 1903 - First Presidency and Twelve authorize purchase of twenty five acres of the original temple lot at Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. Purchase is complete on 14 Apr 1904. These purchases continue throughout twentieth century.

Oct 22, 1903 - LDS President Joseph F. Smith receives a letter from a non-Mormon stating: "I find that Christ in quoting to the people on this side of the water, the third and fourth chapters of Malachi, quotes, according to the Book of Mormon, in the identical text of King James' version, not missing a word. I find chapters of Isaiah quoted practically in the same way. I find that in many instances, in his talks with the people, and to his disciples here, he used the identical language of King James' version, not omitting the words supplied by the translators. Now, I know that no two parties will take the same manuscript and make translations of a matter contained therein, and the language of the two translators be alike; indeed, the language employed by the two parties will widely differ. These translations are from different manuscripts, and from different languages, and still it appears in the Book of Mormon as King James' translation. I can conceive of no other way in which such a coincidence could have occurred, within the range of human experience, except where one writing is copied from another, and then it takes the utmost care to get them exactly alike, word for word, and letter for letter as this is." The letter is referred to B. H. Roberts. Roberts begins his multi-page reply: "The difficulty which you point out of course has been recognized by believers in the Book of Mormon, but I do not know that I can say that the Church as yet has settled upon any explanation which could be regarded as an authoritative view on the subject. Each one has been left to settle the matter upon the lines which seem most reasonable to him."

Oct 22, 1904 - First Presidency send a letter to Apostle John W. Taylor in Canada and to Apostle George Teasdale in Mexico informing them of the decision of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve on 26 September to withdraw the authority that "President Woodruff and President Snow, each in his time, authorized some of the Apostles, and perhaps others to perform sealings for time and eternity" in places other than the temples.

Oct 22, 1976 - First Presidency statement against ratification of proposed Equal Rights Amendment to U.S. Constitution, "which could indeed bring them far more restraints and repressions. We fear it will even stifle many God-given feminine instincts." In supplemental letter of Dec. 29 Presidency urges all mission presidents and stake presidents "to join others in efforts to defeat the ERA." This leads to coordinated efforts by Mormons in twenty-one states to lobby state legislators against ratification of ERA or to persuade voters to rescind previous ratification.

Oct 22, 1980 - Norma Matheson, wife of Utah's Democratic Governor Scott Matheson, leaves BYU's "Speak Off" political forum lecture in tears after student outbursts interrupt her closing statement. BYU Student Body President Jeffrey Duke and Vice President Thomas Peterson later issued a formal apology to Mrs. Matheson: "We were appalled that any Brigham Young University student should be so inconsiderate, and we express our deepest regret at the lack of respect shown by some to you personally and as the first lady of Utah."

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