October 28th

Oct 28, 1845 - Major Warren of the Illinois Militia states in Nauvoo "that when he came in with his troops on Saturday he had writs against the Twelve for 'treason' but he considered it unjust to serve them, he considered that if the Twelve were to be harassed with writs, this people could not get away in the spring…"

Oct 28, 1905 - After week of Quorum of Twelve meetings so secret that no official minutes are kept, apostles John W. Taylor and Matthias F. Cowley write formal resignations due to their participation in post-Manifesto polygamy. Resignations are held in reserve unless considered necessary to save church from U.S. constitutional amendment or to save Apostle Reed Smoot from expulsion from U.S. Senate.

Oct 28, 1965 - Twelve students (at invitation of BYU's president) bring their own rock music and demonstrate contemporary "fad dances" for general authorities in church administration building. Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith says, "I don't know anything about them, and want to see them." Aftwards Apostle Gordon B. Hinckley exclaims, "Nothing like this has ever happened in this building before!" Not long afterwards BYU more strictly enforces its ban against contemporary "rock" dancing.

Oct 28, 1974 - Missionary companions Gary S. Darley and Mark F. Fischer are murdered in Texas by LDS convert who had returned to Pentecostal church. In its most sensational coverage ever, CHURCH NEWS reports that "body parts" of the missionaries are discovered on Nov. 13 and that murderer is sentenced to death in 1975 for killing the missionaries and "cutting up their bodies with a saw." In 1977, murderer successfully appeals his conviction due to illegal search, but remains in prison on other charges until his parole in 1988.

Oct 28, 1993 - Financed by LDS headquarters and coordinated by resident member of Tabernacle Choir, Hanoi Opera House performs Handel's "Messiah," sung in English by Vietnamese and accompanied by National Vietnam Symphony Orchestra.

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