March 25th

Mar 25, 1847 - Brigham Young tells high council that "if a brother shot an Omaha Indian for stealing, they must deliver the murderer to Old Elk to be dealt with as the Indians shall decide, & that was the only way to save the lives of the Woman & Children."

Mar 25, 1855 - Samuel W. Richards takes notes on Brigham Young's sermon: "Adam and Eve were made of the dust of the Earth from which they came -- they brought there bodies with them. They had lived and died and been resurrected before they came here and they came with immortal bodies, and had to partake of the fruit of this earth in order to bring forth mortal bodies, or natural bodies, that their seed might be of the dust of this Earth as they were of the dust of the earth from which they came"

Mar 25, 1856 - Samuel W. Richards writes: "In the Endowment house from 10 till 2 P.M. took the part of Elom."

Mar 25, 1857 - Brigham Young writes to apostle John Taylor: "It is currently reported that President Buchanan fondles or has administered kindly to six or more 'Cyprians' [prostitutes] and may not be so severe in his legislative enactments against the Polygamists of Utah.… Had the helm of state been put into the hands of [John C.] Fremont the pot would have boiled over a little sooner."

Mar 25, 1862 - Brigham Young has four teeth extracted by his secretary who is a dentist as well. In the evening he tells friends that some years ago while "with the Prophet Joseph a Dentist endeavored to extract a tooth the pain being very severe he fainted and dreamt he was in hell and saw the Devils."

Mar 25, 1871 - At Parowan's School of Prophets, "speaking of the apostacy in the Church," one of local Seventy's presidents says that "there were many who are beginning to think they do not worship the same God that Brigham Young does."

Mar 25, 1877 - Execution of John D. Lee at Mountain Meadows, Utah, for his role in massacre almost twenty years earlier.

Mar 25, 1882 - Apostle Brigham Young, Jr. preaches, "This Church will go into Sonora [Mexico] before it goes to Jackson County [Missouri]." This is early reference to alleged prophecy by Joseph Smith that church headquarters will trace horseshoe in moving from Nauvoo to Utah to Mexico to Missouri.

Mar 25, 1885 - Caroline Rockwell Smith says in a signed statement: "I heard Martin Harris say that the first part of the 'Book of Mormon' was stolen and that he thought his wife took it . . . Catherine Smith, sister of the prophet, showed me in their house a chest with lock where the plates were kept, but they feared they would be stolen, and she took up four bricks in the hearth and said they had been buried there. . . . I hope sometime it will be known whether Mormonism is true or not. My brother, Orrin Porter Rockwell, made me a visit in 1844 or '45. When ten years old he broke his leg and a young doctor in Palmyra set it so one leg was shorter than the other and it always troubled him so he could not work at farming."

Mar 25, 1894 - Apostle Abraham H. Cannon writes: "Bro. Roskelly of the Logan temple is having a considerable number of persons who are dead sealed and adopted to him. This is right where people request it, but he should not try to induce them to take this course through their surviving relatives, or in their own cases, if alive. Pres. Woodruff will write him to not try to get people to be thus sealed to him, but where they ask it of their own free will it will be proper."

Mar 25, 1904 - Anthony W. Ivins performs a plural marriage sealing Rangmilda Bluth to Heber Erastus Farr as his second living wife. Ivins is ordained an apostle in 1907 and becomes Second Counselor to his cousin, President Heber J. Grant, in 1921.

Mar 25, 1913 - The First Presidency spends nearly two hours considering "the matter of Morris H. Wilkinson and Mima his wife. She wants her endowments and still does not want to be sealed to him for eternity, nor her children either."

Mar 25, 1950 - President George Albert Smith writes, "I have not seen the Father or the Son, neither have I heard their voices in an audible way, but I have felt their presence and have enjoyed the whispering of the Still Small Voice that comes from them, the result of which has given me a testimony of the truth."

Mar 25, 1958 - At BYU Hugh B. Brown tells the student body: "Now I have mentioned freedom to express your thoughts, but I caution you that your thoughts and expressions must meet competition in the market place of thought, and in that competition truth will emerge triumphant. Only error needs to fear freedom of expression. Seek truth in all fields, and in that search you will need at least three virtues: courage, zest, and modesty. The ancients put that thought in the form of a prayer. They said, "From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth, from the laziness that is content with half truth, from the arrogance that thinks it has all the truth--oh God of truth deliver us."

Mar 25, 1975 - BYU's DAILY UNIVERSE reports that at a Marriott Center concert of the rock band "Tower of Power" they played "with enough volume to shake the rafters," The article reports that the audience went "almost out of control," with people dancing in the aisles. Several fans had to be escorted out by BYU security officers. One group of students writes a letter to the editor calling the event "the finest and most enjoyable concert of the year" However BYU president Dallin Oaks responds by vowing "there will be no more 'rock concerts at BYU." For 1977 homecoming the featured performer is Andy Williams who fills less than half of the seats in the Marriott Center.

Mar 25, 1984 - Wards and branches allowed to have microform facilities for genealogical research.

Mar 25, 1989 - CHURCH NEWS explains that the purpose of the Tabernacle Choir is to promote "the American family and the American dream"

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