August 3rd

Aug 3, 1818 - Poultney, Vermont Congregationalist Church Records list Oliver Cowdery's stepmother and three of his sisters as members of Ethan Smith's congregation.

Aug 3, 1831 - Joseph Smith dedicates a temple site at Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri.

Aug 3, 1852 - Beginning of construction of a wall surrounding the ten acres which became Temple Square, with gates to allow entrance onto the building site. It is completed over two years later.

Aug 3, 1862 - Brigham Young preaches: "Did the first priest who persecuted Joseph Smith, when Joseph was about nineteen years of age, believe that Joseph was an impostor? No. The Devil and his emissaries are not afraid of an impostor; for the world is full of imposition."

Aug 3, 1872 - Brigham Young dissolves School of Prophets in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah because of breaches in meeting's secrecy that end up in anti-Mormon SALT LAKE TRIBUNE.

Aug 3, 1874 - George Q. Cannon, a member of the First Presidency and a representative of the Mormon-sponsored People's Party, overwhelmingly defeats Liberal candidate Robert Baskin as territorial representative to Congress. Governor George L. Woods, a Liberal sympathizer and foe of Mormonism, refuses to issue an election certificate. When Wood's successor, moderate Samuel B. Axtell, issues the certificate to Cannon in early 1875, Baskin immediately protests, charging that Cannon is not an American citizen (he was born in England), is a polygamist, and regards his obligation to the Mormon hierarchy as superior to his allegiance to national law. To support his charges, Baskin obtains the testimony of several prominent anti-polygamy Mormon women, including Heber C. Kimball's granddaughter, Bella Kimball, Emmeline Smith, and Sarah Pratt. In Sarah's deposition she affirms that Cannon had violated the 1862 Morrill Anti-bigamy Law.

Aug 3, 1880 - Mormon SALT LAKE HERALD reports that "not one-fourth of the registered voters" vote.

Aug 3, 1881 - At St. Charles, Idaho, George Q. Cannon reports "having seen the bear Lake Monster or something of that kind this evening while strolling along the lake."

Aug 3, 1887 - Wilford Woodruff and Quorum of Twelve vote to accept George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith into their original ranking following their release as counselors to John Taylor. First time this is necessary at death of church president.

Aug 3, 1893 - - Faithful Mormon Melissa Lott (Smith Willes) testifies under oath in Temple Lot case that she had been Joseph's wife "in very deed."

Aug 3, 1978 - Two days after suicide of Mormon schismatic Immanuel David due to collapse of his sect, his wife Rachel throws each of their seven children off eleventh floor of Salt Lake City hotel, then jumps herself. She and six children die in front of dozens of horrified witnesses on street, while her fifteen-year-old daughter is paralyzed for life.

Aug 3, 1980 - Three BYU students are injured (Peter Bergstrom, a Swede, critically) in terrorist bombing of railway station of Bologna, Italy.

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