June 20th

June 20, 1828 - Lemuel Durfee, landlord to Joseph Smith's family, writes in his account book: "Joseph & Harrison Smiths Dr. to the Liqure of three barrels of Cider at 9/0 per barrel $3=38"

June 20, 1830 - Joseph Smith's wife Emma is baptized by Oliver Cowdery.

June 20, 1840 - Joseph Smith asks to be released as land agent for Nauvoo in order to concentrate on his religious and prophetic duties. He asks the High Council "That when he is relieved from such temporal duties he would have no means of support whatever and and requested that some one might be appointed to see that all his necessary wants are provided for, as well as, sufficient means or appropriations for a Clerk or Clerks which he may require to aid him in his important work."

June 20, 1844 - Joseph Smith writes the apostles to return to Nauvoo immediately and, probably on this occasion, instructs them to destroy their endowment undergarments. He also writes a hurried letter pleading with the president of the United States to "save the innocent and oppressed from such horrid persecution."

June 20 1847 - Orson Hyde preaches against "bogus makers, counterfeiters[,] thieves &c. . . .This made quite a stir & caused some to 'confess their sins.'"

June 20, 1869 -First counselor in the First Presidency George A. Smith preaches: "When Joseph Smith was about 15 years old there was, in the western part of the State of New York, a considerable excitement upon the subject of religion . . . .Joseph reflected much upon the subject of religion . . . . He was led to pray upon the subject in consequence of the declaration of the Apostle James: 'If any of you lack Wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not.' He sought the Lord by day and by night, and was enlightened by the vision of an holy angel. When this personage appeared to him, one of his first inquiries was, 'Which of the denominations of Christians in the vicinity was right?' He was told they had all gone astray, they had wandered into darkness, and that God was about to restore the Gospel in its simplicity and purity to the earth; he was, consequently, directed not to join any one of them, but to be humble and seek the Lord with all his heart, and that from time to time he should be taught and instructed in relation to the right way to serve the Lord."

June 20, 1885 - Elizabeth Ann Starkey is brought in as a witness against Charles S. White by federal officers investigating polygamy. On refusing to answer the question, "Have you ever in this country, within the last two years, occupied the same bed with defendant?" she was sentenced to one day's imprisonment and a fine of $50, and placed in the custody of the United States marshal until payment. On June 22 she again declined to answer, and was fined $100 and committed until payment. On June 24 she refused to answer similar personal questions to the grand jury, and was committed to the penitentiary until August 21, but was again imprisoned and kept till October 6.

June 20, 1885 - A special meeting at is held at President John Taylor's office "where a society was organized which could hold the Social Hall and prevent outsiders from seizing and confiscating it as Church property." "I [Abraham H. Cannon] attended another meeting at which the county and city Bishops were present to prepare for holding Church property." "Our enemies are now preparing to attack our property with a view to robbing us of our goods as well as our liberty."

June 20, 1890 - George M. Brown, a polygamist lawyer who had moved to the Mexican colonies to avoid arrest, warns the First Presidency that "international difficulty" could result if U.S. authorities learned of the plural marriages Alexander F. Macdonald is performing in Mexico for U.S. citizens who were returning to the United States.

June 20, 1901 - During social party at home of second counselor Joseph F. Smith, church president Lorenzo Snow says: "He the Saviour lives and I know it! . . . Many of you will live to go to Jackson Co. and you will see Him there."

June 20, 1976 - Henry R. Eliason, age 77 is fatally stabbed in El Cajon, California, oldest LDS missionary to be murdered.

June 20, 1983 - FORBES magazine notes that in recent years at least ten separate swindles have been uncovered in Utah involving more than 9,000 people (I percent of Utah's adults) and losses are estimated at more than $200 million. In asking itself "why?" the magazine described Utah as "fertile soil for swindles" because of excessive trust among LDS members: "Most of those bilked are Mormons, and the bilkers, too, profess to be upstanding members of the church and use church connections"

June 20, 1992 - DESERET NEWS reports Pulitzer Prize historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich has received MacArthur fellowship, "the genius prize."

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