April 19th

Apr 19, 1831 - The PAINSVILLE TELEGRAPH publishes a letter from Martin Harris which includes the earliest published version of "The Articles and Covenants of the Church of Christ." Greatly expanded compared to its 1829 predecessor, it stated that Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were each "called of God and ordained an apostle of Jesus Christ, an elder of the church."

Apr 19, 1834 - Joseph Smith authorizes first counselor Sidney Rigdon to preside over the church in his absence.
In New Portage, Ohio, Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery and Zebedee Coltrin have a vision: "They all three prayed in turn--Joseph, Oliver, and Zebedee. Brother Joseph than [sic] said, 'now brethren we will see some visions.' Joseph lay down on the ground on his back and stretched out his arms and the two brethren lay on them. The heavens gradually opened, and they saw a golden throne, on a circular foundation, something like a lighthouse, and on the throne were two aged personages, having white hair, and clothed in white garments. They were the two most beautiful and perfect specimens of mankind he ever saw. Joseph said, They are our first parents, Adam and Eve. Adam was a large broadshouldered man, and Eve a woman, was large in proportion."

Apr 19, 1842 - Emma Smith, Sarah Cleveland, and Elizabeth Whitney administer to a Sister Durfee. The following week, she testifies that she has "been healed and thought the sisters had more faith than the brethren."

Apr 19, 1847 - William Clayton suggests to Orson Pratt "the idea of fixing a set of wooden cog wheels to the hub of a wagon wheel, in such order as to tell the exact number of miles we travel each day." Pratt agrees "that it could be easily done at a trifling expense" but the device isn't constructed and installed until May 12. In the mean time Clayton walks alongside Heber C. Kimball's wagon counting each revolution of a wagon wheel.

Apr 19, 1859 - Wilford Woodruff records in his journal: " I accompanied [Second Counselor Daniel H. Wells] to the House of George Alley. Soon the surgeons Came to Cut his right Eye out. He had tumor grown in the back part of his Eye which had pushed his Eye out of [his] head about an inch & bursted the ball. They gave him Cloriform. In 10 minutes he was insensible. They took his Eye out in about 10 minutes more. He lay asleep all the time & was not sensible of any thing during the operation. When he Came to Brother Wells asked him if he knew what they had been doing. He did not know. Brother Wells told him they had taken his Eye. He said thank God for it."

Apr 19, 1869 - Brigham Young says, " I require all under 100 years old to stop using tobaco & drinking whiskey. If they do not we will soon make it a test of fellow[ship] in the Church."

Apr 19, 1891 - Six months after the Manifesto future apostle George F. Richards is told in a patriarchal blessing that he would "be blessed with wives and numerous prosperity." Richards does not enter into plural marriage, but he was sealed to six women "for eternity," two from consecutive monogamous marriages and four women after they were deceased.

Apr 19, 1892 - L. John Nuttall records: "Had a talk with Pres. W. Woodruff about sister Baratts Temple Work. Asked him for her to receive her 2nd annointing. He asked me who to; I told him Pres. John Taylor. He asked me who would represent Prest. Taylor, I told him that I intended to do so. He said that was all right and signed recommends." Three days later he writes, "Sister M. M. Barratt born January 17, 1834, at Stockport Cheshme England, was sealed to Pres. John Taylor, I being proxy. She was afterwards annointed to him."

Apr 19, 1893 - First Presidency and Council of Apostles meet with "the Stake Presidents, Bishops, and other Priesthood leaders" in the newly dedicated Salt Lake Temple. On the first day of meetings "the Twelve Apostles were called upon to express their feelings towards the First Presidency and each other and to the Church and all the world." Francis M. Lyman says, "The Prophet never goes astray, counselors always right when they are one with the head." There is general gladness expressed that the Apostles and presidency are united again.

Apr 19, 1896 - Joseph F. Smith preaches: "It is an established rule in the Church, and the discipline of the Church requires that a member of the Fourth ward desiring to remove to the First ward shall make application to the Bishop of the Fourth ward and shall say to him in effect: "Bishop, I have determined to move out of this ward, and my purpose is now to settle in the First ward, and I desire from you a letter of recommendation, that I can carry with me, certifying that I am a member of the Church, in good fellowship in the Fourth ward, so that I may be entitled to be received as a member of the Church, in good standing, in the ward to which I shall remove." The Bishop of the Fourth ward, agreeable to his request, issues a letter of standing to him, certifying that he and his family are members of the Church, in good standing, in his ward, and as such he recommends them to the confidence and fellowship of any ward that they may desire to join. Now, no man is exempt from this discipline of the Church. No man can override this rule and still be regarded as a member in good standing. The moment a man undertakes to take the bit in his own mouth and say, "I will not ask my Bishop for a letter of standing; I will move to where I please, and claim standing in the Church wherever I please to locate," that moment he becomes insubordinate and certainly could not be regarded as a member in good standing or as a type of good membership in the Church."

Apr 19, 1923 - Apostle George F. Richards writes: "I read in the council meeting [at Salt Lake Temple] which is known as the unwritten ordinances of the temple prepared by me and it was decided to have copies made and one each entered inside the Presidents' Book of each Temple."

Apr 19, 1934 - Apostle George F. Richards writes to President Heber J Grant, "If the following named brethren, General Authorities of the Church, and their wives have received their Second blessings, the Salt Lake Temple Records do not disclose that fact, I therefore conclude that they have not except possibly Pres Hart who may have received his blessings in the Logan Temple: J. Reuben Clark Jr.[,] Charles H. Hart[,] Antoine R. Ivins[,] Samuel 0. Bennion[, and] John H. Taylor[.] I understand that it is in order for a member of the Council of Twelve to recommend worthy members to the President of the Church to receive their Second blessings. Accordingly, I recommend that these brethren and their wives be invited to receive their blessings."

Apr 19, 1966 - BYU president Ernest Wilkinson asks his administrative assistant to organize a group of "conservative" students to "monitor" professors who are regarded as Communist sympathizers. Nearly all of these BYU professors had publicly condemned the John Birch Society. Among them was political scientist Louis Midgley whose anti-Birch article in the DAILY UNIVERSE had resulted in a muzzling of the student newspaper two years earlier.

Apr 19, 1977 - First Presidency letter solicits contributions for completion of thirteen bronze statues for "Relief Society Monument in Nauvoo, Illinois. The purpose of this monument is twofold: first, to honor the founding of the Relief Society in 1842 by the Prophet Joseph Smith, and second, to portray to the world the role of women in the gospel plan."

Apr 19, 1979 - A letter to the editor in the DESERET NEWS states, "As a member of the LDS church . . . I must express my feelings about your recent article on medical quackery (April 9). The article would have us believe the drug and surgery doctors are the'good guys' and all other health practitioners are the 'bad guys.' I resent that because it leaves my church and my God on the wrong side of the fence. In particular, I resent the inclusion among the 'quacks' of the doctors who treat with herbs."

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