June 19th

June 19, 1836 - Wilford Woodruff writes that "A state's warrant was issued against D[avid] W. Patten, Warren Parrish and Wilford Woodruff, . . . Elders Patten and Parrish were taken by an armed mob of about fifty, . . . I was in another county, and therefore not taken. We were accused of prophesying falsely, by saying that four persons who were baptized should receive the Holy Ghost in twenty-four hours, and that Christ should come the second time before this generation passed away." Three days later Patten and Parrish are "condemned . . . Without any cause of Guilt found in them & after condemning they let them go clear."

June 19 1836 - Book of Mormon witnesses Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, John Whitmer, Apostle Lyman E. Johnson, and Mormon editor William W. Phelps flee for their lives after receiving a written death-threat signed by Danite chief Sampson Avard, two members of the First Presidency, and eighty other Danites. This is two days after Sidney Rigdon announced that the church will now fulfill the commandment to treat dissenters as "salt" to be "trodden under the foot of men."

June 19, 1841 - James Murdock writes to the CONGREGATIONAL OBSERVER of his interview with William Smith, LDS Apostle and brother of Joseph Smith: "About the year 1823, there was a revival of religion in that region, and Joseph was one of several hopeful converts. The others were joining, some one church, and some another in that vicinity, but Joseph hesitated between the different denominations. While his mind was perplexed with this subject, he prayed for divine direction; and afterwards was awaked one night by an extraordinary vision. The glory of the Lord filled the chamber with a dazzling light, and a glorious angel appeared to him, conversed with him, and told him that he was a chosen vessel unto the Lord to make known true religion."

June 19, 1844 - The NAUVOO NEIGHBOR prints Joseph's and Hyrum's testimony before the Nauvoo City Council explaining that Hyrum Smith "referred to the revelation, read to the High Council of the Church, which has caused so much talk about a multiplicity of wives; that said revelation was in answer to a question concerning things which transpired in former days, and had no reference to the present time." The article quotes Joseph Smith as having said, "They make it a criminality for a man to have a wife on the earth while he has one in heaven." He added that "the order [was] in ancient days, having nothing to do with [t]he present times." This issue also carries Hyrum's statement accusing William Law of adultery. Both Joseph and Hyrum are secretly practicing polygamy at this time.

June 19, 1853 - The territorial delegate from the territory of Utah is elected. Brigham Young, during a Sunday sermon spontaneously nominates Dr. Bernhisel to continue as territorial delegate for Utah territory. Young continues: "Brother Kimball has seconded the motion that Dr. Bernhisel be sent back to Washington as our Delegate. All who are in favor of it, raise your right hand. (More than 2000 hands were at once seen above the heads of the congregation.) This has turned out into a caucus meeting. It is all right. I would call for an opposite vote if I thought any person would vote. I will try it however. (Not a single hand was raised in opposition.)" No other elections for territorial delegate are held in 1853.

June 19, 1862 - The U.S. Congress passes "An Act to secure Freedom to all Persons within the Territories of the United States" which emancipates all slaves held in the U.S. Territories. This ends slavery in Utah Territory where it was legalized ten years earlier by the Utah Territorial Legislature. Years later two former Utah slaves recall, “the joyful expressions which were upon the faces of all the slaves, when they ascertained that they had acquired their freedom through the fortunes of war.”

June 19, 1898 - Second Counselor Joseph F. Smith preaches strongly that Mormons should not patronize Church-owned Saltair resort on Sunday even though it is open on Sundays.

June 19 1902 - In the weekly meeting of the First Presidency and Apostles "Pres. [Joseph F.] Smith spoke strongly against the policy adopted by the town and county authorities, granting a right of way through Davis County along the county road. Said that the Presidency had called attention of the county commissioners to the folly of this and had counseled them against trifling away such a valuable right, but they have ignored the counsel. He wanted the visiting apostles to talk the matter up."

June 19, 1924 - St. George Temple president David H. Cannon recounts how Apostle George F. Richards had "criticized [him] very severely for not adhering to the unwritten part of the ceremonies as he had been instructed to do." He tells the assembly of local Church leaders that Richards had instructed him to either burn the old rulings and instructions or send them to Salt Lake--"If we want any information, not contained in the 'President's Book' we will refer to the authorities of the Church for that information, but not refer to any of the old rulings." St. George Stake president Edward H. Snow (who became the temple president in 1926) then mentions one of the recent changes, "in no longer praying that the blood of the prophets and righteous men, might be atoned for, because this prayer has been answered and [is] no longer necessary." As if to pass approval on this change, Cannon recalled comments by Anthony W. Ivins (second counselor in First Presidency) given at a conference in Enterprise, stating that Ivins "took exception to the way the Law of Retribution was worded, and said he [Ivins] thought the language was harsh and that the authorities [had] thought of changing that" Three years later a letter from Apostle Richards to all temple presidents directed that they "omit from the prayer circles all reference to avenging the blood of the Prophets. Omit from the ordinance and lecture all reference to retribution"

June 19, 1953 - Leadership Week at Brigham Young University where collector Wilford C. Wood displays "a silver piece that was Emma's most priceless possession, that was taken from the pocket of the Prophet--from his dead body. What do you think it was? In hieroglyphics . . . that the Prophet would save: CONFIRMO, O DEUS POTENTISSIMUS (Make me, Oh God, all-powerful)." English texts of magic give the incantation phrase of Jupiter talisman as: "Confirm, O God, they strength in us."

June 19, 1995 - SALT LAKE TRIBUNE reposts that Utah state task force is trying to understand why suicide is second leading cause of death for Utah's teenage males and young men, and why Utah's suicide rate is sixth highest in nation. Article down plays alleged role of LDS church's "too high expectations on young people," by pointing out that five states (all surrounding Utah) with higher suicide rates have lower percentages of Mormons. However, this is statistical error ("ecological fallacy") because states have not identified religious affiliation of suicides who might actually be disproportionately Mormon. TRIBUNE refers to U.S. Health Department's 1989 estimate that homosexual orientation is factor in 30 percent of teenage suicides. DESERET NEWS excluded that estimate from its analysis of federal report on Aug 12, 1989 and has said little about this current Utah task force.

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