September 26th

Sept 26, 1830 - The second conference of the Church of Jesus Christ (later named "Church of Latter-Day Saints" and still later named "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints") holds its second conference. The church has 62 members. The main order of business concerns revelations Book-of-Mormon witness Hiram Page had received through a seer stone. Joseph presents the conference with a new revelation which authorizes him alone to receive revelations for the Church. At the conference "Brother Joseph Smith, Jr., was appointed by the voice of the conference to receive and write Revelations and Commandments for this Church."

Sept 26, 1856 - First handcart company arrives in Salt Lake Valley. During the next five years ten handcart companies bring 3000 Mormons across the plains to Utah. 200 Mormons from the fifth and sixth companies, which left too late, die when trapped in earlyWyoming snow storms.
47-year old John Taylor takes 19-year old Margaret Young as his 7th wife. She bears him 9 children.
Members of the First Presidency and Council of Twelve Apostles are rebaptized.

Sept 26, 1858 - President Brigham Young relates a dream he had two days previously to Apostle Wilford Woodruff and Woodruff records it in his journal: "He dreamed that 4 men came into his room and tried to get in. He tried to shoot them with his pistol but Could not get it off. He then drew a Bowie knife but found it to be a Carving knife with a saw on one side. At the same time Mr Clarkson reached over his shoulders & attmped to kill Presidet Young who said to him you may think that you are going to do sumthing but I will show you. He then threw his saw knife at Clarkson & just as it was about to enter his body Brigham Young reached out his hand Caught it so that it did not hurt him saying at the time you now see what I Can do. Clarkson said I see that my life is in your power. At the same time he plunged his knife into his own breast & split it open then handed the handle of the knife all Bloody to B. Young & walked a short distance & fell dead."

Sep 26, 1877 - Grand Jury describes Salt Lake County probate court as a "divorce mill" which granted 300 divorces in previous twelve-month period, primarily on "grounds of incompatibility of temperment, different aims and objectives in life." Eighty percent of divorced couples come to Utah for divorces from such places as San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Terre Haute, and St. Louis. Report finds that 13 percent of divorces are granted same day of complaint, total of 25 percent within week of application, and total of 85 percent are granted within a month of application. Report continues, "And your committee have good reason to believe that other country probate courts of the territory are likewise engaged in this class of divorce business, to an equal if not greater extent." Two months later U.S. senator Dawes introduces bill to remove divorce from jurisdiction of Mormon probate courts and limit divorce cases to federally-appointed non-Mormon judges.

Sept 26, 1881 - Heber J. Grant expresses his disappointment about his racehorse being disqualified from upcoming race in Salt Lake City."I had counted considerable, however, on Hyrum's winning the race and the horse becoming enough of a public favorite that I could sell him for a nice round sum." Heber becomes apostle in 1882, and horse racing remains legal in Utah until 1913.

Sept 26, 1901 - Apostle Rudger Clawson records that in the weekly meeting of the First Presidency and Apostles "President [Lorenao] Snow explained why he had allowed his daughter, Mabel, to act as queen of the Elks Carnival. The general idea was that we might, as a people, get influence with a large organization of influential men in the nation—and yet, he said, he did not feel to give them aid, or encouragement, or endorsement further than this. Spoke of Joseph, the prophet, and others of the brethren joining the Freemasons in order to obtain influence in furtherance of the purposes of the Lord."

Sept 26, 1904 - The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve decide to withdraw the authority that "President Woodruff and President Snow, each in his time, authorized some of the Apostles, and perhaps others to perform sealings for time and eternity" in places other than the temples. This leads to President Joseph F. Smith's so-called "Second Manifesto."

Sept 26, 1941 - First Presidency letter in favor of right to work without joining labor union.

Sept 26, 1955 - Church College of Hawaii opens for regular course work. First and largest of LDS schools established in Pacific islands for Polynesian Mormons, this becomes Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus on Sept. 1, 1974.

Sept 26, 1966 - US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT article "The Spectacular Rise of the Mormon Church." A condensed version of the article is later published in the READER'S DIGEST.

Sept 26, 1976 - NEW YORK TIMES article describes Temple Square visitor's center where there is an explanation of "Mormonism's complex theology with an audio-visual display. A sequence of murals, in the style of socialist realism, is linked to flashing lights and somber voices, and the whole is meant to exude pure spiritualism. The result, however, seems more like Jesus in Disneyland."

Sept 26, 1992 - Aileen Clyde, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, while conducting the general women's meeting welcomes them: "It is good to have President Hinckley, President Monson, President Hunter, and other priesthood leaders with us tonight to symbolize the priesthood partnership we so value in the Church and in our homes." When the talk is published in the ENSIGN the phrase "to symbolize the priesthood partnership we so value in the Church and in our homes" is deleted.

Sept 26, 1993 - Historian D. Michael Quinn's disciplinary hearing is held in his absence. He was summoned but refused to attend on principle. He is excommunicated for "apostasy and conduct unbecoming a member."

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