July 25th

July 25, 1830 - Joseph Smith receives a revelation instructing missionaries to curse those who will not listen to them: "And in whatsoever place ye shall enter, and they receive you not, in my name, ye shall leave a cursing instead of a blessing, by casting off the dust of your feet against them as a testimony, and cleansing your feet by the wayside"

July 25, 1831 - The first company of Mormons arrive in Jackson County, Missouri.

July 25, 1844 - Illinois Governor Thomas Ford writes to the people of Hancock county: "Try your 'Mormon' neighbors again, and if you cannot dwell together in amity, you may at least refrain from injuring each other. . . . Besides, if you are the aggressors, I am determined that all the power of the state shall be used to prevent your success. I can never agree that a set of infatuated and infuriated men shall barbarously attack a peaceful people who have submitted to all the demands of the law, and when they had full power to do so, refrained from inflicting vengeance upon their enemies. You may count on my most determined opposition--upon the opposition of the law, and upon that of every peaceful, law-abiding citizen of the country. . . . I have been informed that the 'Mormons' about Lima and Macedonia have been warned to leave the settlements. They have a right to remain and enjoy their property. As long as they are good citizens they shall not be molested, and the sooner those misguided persons withdraw their warning and retrace their steps, the better it will be for them." Since it is an election year, feeling is that Ford is only trying to win Mormon votes for the Democratic party.

July 25, 1847 - William Clayton writes: "At ten o'clock a meeting was held in the camp and the brethren addressed successively by Elder G[eorge] A. Smith, H[eber] C. Kimball and E[zra] T. Benson mostly expressing their feeling of gratification for the prospects of this country, each being highly satisfied with the soil &c. Elder Kimball referred especially to the manifold blessings we have been favored with during the journey. Not a man, woman, or child has died on the journey, nor even an horse, mule, ox, cow or chicken has died during the whole journey." This last part is slightly incorrect. One of Brigham Young's horses was accidentally shot during the journey. Wilford Woodruff writes: "there was one universal feeling of Satisfaction with the valley. Evry man that spoke upon the subject said they were Joyfully disappointed that the whole appearance was Altogether better throughout the valley than they had Anticipated or even dreamed of." Brigham Young rises from his sick-bead to address the saints and tells them, "No man should buy or sell land. Every man should have his land measured off to him for city and farming purposes, what he could till. He might till it as he pleased, but he should be industrious and take care of it."

July 25, 1861 - Brigham Young's office journal states: "Pres[ident] Young had some conversation with his Br. Joseph about the form and principles of a Republican Government. The President remarked in a republican government the people have a right to interfere when the Officers of the Government are taking a wrong course; he also remarked that [Joseph] Morris the crazy prophet would give fight to this people if his numbers were strong enough."

July 25, 1871 - Brigham Young writes to his son Willard who is a cadet at West Point: "We would like to learn in detail the routine of your daily life; what your duties and exercises consist of; what the regulations are about visitors, whether ladies have access to the cadets & under what restrictions, if any. This last is a matter I am quite concerned to know about, as I understand you cadets are exceedingly popular with the fair sex & some of them are very, very dangerous when so dis posed, just for the sake of having a laugh at their victims; shun such as you would the very gates of hell! They are the enemy's strongest tools, & should be resisted as strongly. Beware of them! . . . With regard to your attending Protestant Episcopal service, I have no objections whatever. On the contrary, I would like to have you attend, and see what they can teach you about God and Godliness more than you have already been taught."

July 25, 1880 - First Counselor in First Presidency George Q. Cannon preaches: "It [the Word of Wisdom] appeals to our sense of right that a commandment does not, because a commandment comes with strict injunctions which leaves no alternative but to obey; but this is a word of counsel by a kind father. . . ."

July 25, 1881 - Stake president Heber J. Grant writes: "I wanted to waltz very badly but knowing it was contrary to the wishes of the Genl. Church authorities, I refrained from doing so."

July 25, 1883 - President John Taylor appoints George Q. Cannon and George Reynolds "to get together all papers and information that they could obtain relating to the former Schools of the Prophets that were organized under the direction of Presidents Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, so that the School might be properly organized in accordance with the designs of the Almighty."

July 25, 1887 - John Taylor dies on "the Underground." Because of his wounds in Carthage Jail and his death in exile, counselors George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith write: "To-day he occupies the place of a double martyr. PRESIDENT JOHN TAYLOR has been killed by the cruelty of officials who have, in this Territory, misrepresented the government of the United States . . . who, with insensate hate, have offered rewards for his arrest and hounded him to the grave."
After conversation with senior apostle Wilford Woodruff, apostle Heber J. Grant [while still unaware of President Taylor's death] writes: "Prest. Woodruff said he would be willing to have [junior apostle] Joseph F. Smith made Prest of the Church provided the quorum of the apostles should wish it but as near as I could judge he had no idea that such a thing would be done. . . .I know that some of the members of our quorum are of the opinion that in case of the reorganization of the First Presidency after the death of Pres[iden]t Teylor and before the death of Pres[iden]t Woodruff that Bro[ther] Woodruff must be made the President. I have no such a feeling. I feel that Pres[iden]t Joseph F. Smith will succeed Pres[iden]t Taylor if the First Presidency is reorganized."

July 25, 1891 - Apostle Abraham H. Cannon writes: "A Sister Parkinson asked why her new born babe died when A.H. Cannon blessed it and promised it should live to manhood and several weeks later it got pneumonia and the Elders promised it continued life? 'I could not account for the failure of our promises that it should live except that sympathy instead of the Spirit of God prompted the utterances.'"

July 25, 1899 - Apostle John Henry Smith writes in his diary: "One Owens has made an accusation against Heber J. Grant for Adultry for living with his [plural] Wife Emily Wells."

July 25, 1946 - First Counselor J. Reuben Clark speaks concerning embezzlement by local bishop: "The Church could not use its funds for such a means as proposed to save any embarassment to the Church, and it could not and should not require the [local] brethren there to sacrifice unless their friendship for the [bishop's] family prompted them to do so on their own accord, and that he didn't worry about the resultant effect upon the Church if we did not attempt to cover up, but insisted upon justice."

July 25, 1993 - Representatives of University of Jordan and BYU sign agreement for academic and cultural exchanges, which represents Howard W. Hunter's long encouragement for greater LDS out-reach to Arab and Muslim peoples.

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