June 26th

June 26, 1829 - June 26, 1829, The Wayne Sentinel, one of Palmyra's papers, publishes the title page of the Book of Mormon and mentions that the book "will be published as soon as the translation is completed."

June 26, 1830 - Residents of Colesville, one of the three Mormon congregations in New York state, disrupt an intended baptismal ceremony and intimidate church members. This is the first mob action against Mormons.

June 26, 1844 - Joseph Smith, in Carthage Jail, sends a note to Governor Thomas Ford. Ford comes to the jail to meet with Joseph. Joseph tells him " the origin of the difficulty, the facts relating to the Expositor press, the course pursued by the City Council; the legality, as they thought, of their legislation; the pledges that he had made by letter and sent by expresses to his Excellency, that he was willing to satisfy all legal claims in case it should be shown that the City Council had transcended their legal bounds, etc., and that the Legion had been called out for the protection of the city, while it was threatened with immediate hostilities by an infuriated mob, until his Excellency could afford relief, and not for the purpose of invasion."
William Clayton writes to Joseph " to inform you that Mr. Marsh, who lives down the river, and of whom you have had corn, pork, etc., has sent word if you want any bail he is ready for one to any amount; . . ."

June 26, 1847 - Orson Pratt records in his journal: "We obtained much information from him [Major Moses Harris whom the pioneers had met en route] in relation to the great interior basin of the Salt Lake, the country of our destination. His report like that of Captain Fremont's is rather unfavorable to the formation of a colony in this basin, principally on account of the scarcity of timber."

June 26, 1847 - Wilford Woodruff records Orson Pratt's speculation on how the first God came to be: "He sayes I throw out my Ideas not as doctrin but for you to look at. You know when A Chemist goes to work to Analize or try new experiments they often have to try many times before they put a thing perfect & take certain processes which are unnecessary and are afterward laid aside And pursue the most perfect Course that can be [pursu]ed. It may reasonably have been the case with the first being [form]ed which may be Called God. As eternity was filled as it were with particles of intelligence who had there Agency, two of these particles in process of time might have joined their interest together exchanged ideas found by persueing this course that they gained [double?] strength to what one particle of intelligence would have & afterwards were joined by other particles & continued untill they formed A combination or body though through a long process."

June 26, 1855 - Indian Territory Mission established to proselytize among Cherokees and Creeks in what is now Oklahoma. Directed almost exclusively toward Native Americans, mission closes in 1877, reopens in 1883 with increasing efforts toward Anglos.

June 26, 1858 - U.S. troops pass peacefully through nearly deserted Salt Lake City under terms of presidential amnesty and truce arranged by non-Mormon Thomas L. Kane.

June 26, 1860 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "In the Evening Br T. Ellerbeck came into the Office and had some conversation about grape raising, Br[other] Carrington joined in and conversed about making grape wine."

June 26, 1861 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "Br. [Samuel] Murphy called upon the President and mentioned to him that his eyes were bad and his stomach out of order. The President told him to take care of himself, and to wear a good shade to his eyes, and take some medicine to cleanse his stomach. The President noticed the effects of the first dose of lobelia he took, the lobelia poked the phlegm, but not his food. he observed persons have formed a prejudice against lobelia, because their stomachs were not properly prepared with warm drinks until they ware in a perspiration before they took the lobelia, if there is no disease the lobelia will not cause a vomit but will pass off the same as any thing else taken into the stomach, but if there is disaese then the lobelia will cause a puke."

June 26, 1882 - In morning John Taylor finished dictating revelation he began previous night concerning Celestial Law of plural marriage. The revelation states: "No person, or people, or nation, can enter into the principle of celestial marriage unless they come in by me, saith the Lord, and obey the law of my Gospel through the medium of him who is appointed unto this power . . . Thus saith the Lord God: obey my law, and seek not to become a law unto yourselves, nor trust to outside influences; . . . Concerning the course taken by the United States, they have a right to reject this law themselves, as they have a right to reject the Gospel; but it is contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, for them to prohibit you from obeying it." The revelation is never canonized

June 26, 1888 - Wilford Woodruff writes to "President Daniel H. Wells:... You mentioned the name of Brother Lewis Anderson, assistant Recorder. I infer that he is a young man: I have felt impressed not to grant permission for this ordinance (2nd Anointing) to be administered to any but aged and faithful men, and if you can get along without administering this ordinance to him, it would be better.

June 26, 1948 - General Mark W. Clark presides at military memorial service at Garland, Utah, for four LDS brothers killed as servicemen during six-month period of World War II: Clyde, LeRoy, and twins Rolon and Rulon Borgstrom. American families are given small service-flag (with gold star in center) to display in window of home for son/daughter killed in war, and Borgstrom "Gold Star Mother" displays flag with four stars. Roman Catholic family suffers similar tragedy when five Sullivan brothers die on day their U.S. ship is torpedoed in World War II.

June 26, 1971 - BYU's Ballroom Dancers win formation division of British Open Amateur Ballroom championships. This is first U.S. team of formation dancers to compete abroad.

June 26, 1982 - Marie Osmond marries Steve Craig in the Salt Lake Temple. Elder Paul H. Dunn of the First Council of Seventy, who performed the ceremony, wryly estimates there are 5,000 uninvited guests surrounding Temple Square. Among the crowd are anti-Mormon demonstrators who pass out pamphlets with a drawing of Marie Osmond and Steve Craig in temple clothes. After the wedding the 22- year-old bride emphatically declares, "I'm definitely Marie Craig," and leaves four days later on a tour that does not include her new husband. Elder Dunn, a close friend of the Osmond family is quoted by the Latter-day Sentinal as saying: "I really feel for Steve Craig. He's marrying a three-ring circus." The couple divorces a few years later.

June 26, 1993 - Groundbreaking for temple in Bogota, Colombia.

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