October 29th

Oct 29, 1840 - Apostle Brigham Young writes in his journal: "Elder Kimball and I went to Southport, . . . The Patriarch blessed us, and prophecied that there were those present who should not sleep in the grave until they should see the Son of Man come in his glory--namely, brother Kimball and myself."

Oct 29, 1882 - Second counselor Joseph F. Smith's sermon denies there have ever been Danites in Utah but acknowledges that "a few horse thieves and murderers have perchance been sumarily dealt with by officers of the law."

Oct 29, 1951 - John K Cannon is first Mormon appointed to four-star rank in U.S. military. With this promotion General Cannon is commander of U.S. Tactical Air Command. In World War II he was Commander-in-chief of Allied air forces in Europe and later for entire U.S. air force in Europe (1948-51).

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