April 3rd

Apr 3, 1836 - Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery see Jesus and receive priesthood keys from Moses, Elias, and Elijah in the Kirtland temple. Later that month the church's LATTER DAY SAINT MESSENGER AND ADVOCATE publishes, due to "the deep anxiety felt by our southern brethren on this subject," an editorial (apparently by Cowdery): "Must we open our houses, unfold our arms, and bid these degraded and degrading sons of Canaan, a hearty welcome and a free admittance to all we possess? . . . and low indeed must be the mind, that would consent for a moment, to see his fair daughter, his sister, or perhaps, his bosom companion in the embrace of a NEGRO!"

Apr 3, 1837 - Wilford Woodruff describes his washing and anointing in the Kirtland Temple: "I repaired to a room in Company with Elder Meeks & Priest J Turpin to attend to our first washing. After washing our bodies from head to foot in soap & watter we then washed ourselves in clear watter next in perfumed spirits."

Apr 3, 1841 - Charles Anthon writes, "Many years ago,--the precise date I do not now recollect,--a plain-looking countryman called upon me with a letter from Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell, requesting me to examine, and give my opinion upon a certain paper, marked with various characters, which the doctor confessed he could not decipher, and which the bearer of the note was very anxious to have explained. A very brief examination of the paper, convinced me that it was a mere hoax, and a very clumsy one too. The characters were arranged in columns, like the Chinese mode of writing, and presented the most singular medley that I ever beheld. Greek, Hebrew and all sorts of letters, more or less distorted, either through unskilfulness or from actual design, were intermingled with sundry delineations of half moons, stars, and other natural objects, and the whole ended in a rude representation of the Mexican zodiac. The conclusion was irresistible, that some cunning fellow had prepared the paper in question for the purpose of imposing upon the countryman who brought it, and I told the man so without any hesitation. He then proceeded to give me the history of the whole affair, which convinced me that he had fallen into the hands of some sharper, while it left me in great astonishment at his simplicity."

Apr 3, 1845 - Brigham Young commends the Nauvoo police for beating "a man almost to death in the Temple." Young’s clerk Thomas Bullock copies a revelation received by Young "to be read next Conference." NAUVOO NEIGHBOR reports the reading on Aril 7 of a revelation "concerning blotting out the names of APOSTATES, that they may not be found upon the Church Record."

Apr 3, 1860 - Salt Lake City's LDS mayor cautions Brigham Young that William A. Hickman has been useful as a dog to protect Mormon flock but should now be removed because he is also killing Mormons within the fold.

Apr 3, 1878 - Concerning recent split in church's political party, DESERET NEWS editorializes: "'One Lore, one faith, one baptism, one hope of their calling,' are accepted principles in spiritual things; and one platform, one party, and one ticket, acknowledged fundamentals in political things." On Feb. 4 NEWS editorialized: "One policy, one ticket, one ballot for all. Whatever is more or less than this cometh of evil."

Apr 3, 1880 - Matilda Spaulding, daughter of Solomon Spaulding writes: "he [Solomon Spaulding] read the manuscript which I had seen him writing, to the neighbors, and to the clergyman, a friend of his who came to see him. Some of the names that he mentioned while reading to these people I have never forgotten. They are as fresh to me today as though I heard them yesterday. They were 'Mormon,' 'Maroni,' 'Lamenite,' 'Nephi.'"

Apr 3, 1888 - Two and a half years before the Manifesto Apostle John Henry Smith writes to his apostle cousin Joseph F. Smith: "It looks to me," as if the only chance on that score [statehood] is to give the whole business away [plural marriage], renouncing our faith save for five years and then taking it up again when once inside the great government fold."

Apr 3, 1894 - First Presidency and Apostles meet and Heber J. Grant records. "Pres[iden]t [Georeg Q.] Cannon made some remarks on our condition as we now were situated on account of men not being able to take more wives and he wished that his girls could have the privilege of marrying some good men even if they were not the first wife rather than to have to marry some of the young men they might have to, Pres[iden]t Woodruff remarked that the day was not far away when there would be a change and greater liberty would be given in the matter of marriage."

Apr 3, 1895 - First Presidency and Apostles discuss B. H. Roberts's opposition to equal suffrage at recent State Constitutional convention. "Brother Roberts had been sent for And told by Pres[iden]ts [Wilford] Woodruff and [Joseph F.] Smith their wishes and requested not to be active in his opposition to the suffrage clause as it was in the interests of the people to have the suffrage clause approved and made a part of the Constitution." Equal suffrage would increase the percentage of Mormon voters.

Apr 3, 1896 - Apostle Franklin D. Richards tells Relief Society conference that women have right "to rebuke disease in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & by virtue of the Holy Anointing which I have received."

Apr 3, 1898 - At a birthday celebration for Quorum-of-the-Twelve President Lorenzo Snow, First Counselor Geo. Q. Cannon and Apostle John Henry Smith testifiy "we had seen the Saviour at the Temple meeting this morning."

Apr 3, 1902 - First Presidency and apostles read letter from Apostle John Henry Smith, who is lobbying in Washington, D.C., that U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and Republican Party leader Mark Hanna guarantee they will arrange to defeat proposed constitutional amendment on polygamy and unlawful cohabitation. They expect Mormons to vote Republican in exchange.

Apr 3, 1936 - First Presidency restores full church membership and priesthood blessings to Matthias F. Cowley. He unsuccessfully asked for this since 1926. DESERET NEWS publishes the announcement.

Apr 3, 1976 - Adoption of two previously published visions as additions to church's Standard Works. First change in church's official canon since addition of 1890 Manifesto.

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